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    Wanted 26 rims, 28 hole rim brake

    Thank you for the share.. i do need a pair however. Sorry if that wasnt clear
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    Wanted 26 rims, 28 hole rim brake

    ideally some in tidy condition let me know what you have if anything.. Thanks
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    Wanted salsa seat clamp with rack mounts

    27.2 seat post. any colours.. thanks
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    For Sale All sold.

    wheels long gone? thanks
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    Wanted Hope hubs, 32 hole, non disk.. anything out there?

    Not that fussy on colour.. although black would be ideal. With or with out rims attached. 26 inch wheels needed however. Thanks in advance .. Ryan
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    Bike parts

    Possibly interested in ritchey stem if you could please DM me..
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    Please delete!

    No longer for sale..
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    Zinn MTB project

    Hi all, very new to the forum but thought this would be the ideal place to come to get some advice/pointers on my latest project which i found the other day.. Its a Zinn bicycle which is missing quiet a few components along with any decals to tell me the exact model.. Id really love some help...