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    Varonha Frameworks .

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    1948 Holdsworth La Quelda, Bill Hurlow stamped, completely original :)

    What are you using out of interest? Looks like mayonnaise LOL. Great project btw.
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    RIP Captaincowelly

    Tragic. A good man down and a reminder, lest it be needed, to spread kindness and fun like Steve did.
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    Suggestions / recommendations wanted for frame refinishing

    Colourtech comment heartily seconded. He did a nice job on a frameset but unfortunately had painted someone else’s fork and returned it as mine. Wrong style, didn’t fit frame, useless to me and a headache and expense for me to find another. Dave at Colourtech didn’t give a monkeys and I never...
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    Marin team 95?

    Thanks. Turns out I was ignoring Tootyreds posts. Unintentional finger slip. Nice bike. Looks intact. Anyone know are these painted or plated?
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    Marin team 95?

    Where’s the link??
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    1993 MARIN Titanium FRS Build

    Lovely and a very impressive mission accomplished. Think you’ve got it nailed. Just need to get your angles right on levers, bar ends and seat 😉. Out of interest, what is the post made of and plated with then?
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    Hite Rite Breeze & Angell
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    Unknown with full XT

    Hold the phone: just seen the XT headset. So better than a PM then. And the levers look earlier than 92?
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    Unknown with full XT

    what I thought at a glance
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    Unknown with full XT

    Vultures! Too far for me sadly. Hope someone on here gets it. that seat looks like it would clean up with the @Peachy! treatment.
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    Stuck/fused pedals. What’s the solution?

    Oh Jeez! I thought about a gentle start on my 93 Team Marin yesterday: thought I’d just remove the pedals to make it easier to store. One broken Allen key later. and a failed plusgas overnighter, I alighted on this thread. Last time I had this I impaled a finger on the chainring so I’m...
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    Show us your Marins

    Lovely job. Now I know why you didn’t need that seat QR!