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    show us your gt's

    My third stage Restomod of the 94 GT Tequesta. I would describe it as a prototype 69er mullet, as I am pretty sure I will switch the cyclo cross / trekking fork to a rigid MTB 27.5 or 29 fork for tire clearance. Depending on my tests I also might upgrade the wheels, especially the 28. I just...
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    GT Seatpost sizing and seat tube bolt sourcing

    Similar question: my 94 GT Tequesta has a 26.8mm seat post, however I struggle to tighten the clamp. I seem to loose a millimeter height here and there with every trip. Shall I try 27.2? Also would be pretty handy as there are some dropper posts in 27.2. (I am pretty tall. My Tequesta is a 22"...
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    show us your gt's

    Looks cool. Like a GT beach cruiser
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    show us your gt's

    From non-original orange ashes to raw steel shine: my 22" 94 Tequesta restomod. The only remaining original parts are the frame and the bottom bracket (presumably). New Tange Seiki 1 1/8 headset, Satori Ahead Extension, By.Schulz / SDS Twist stem (allows to twist handlebar for space...
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    90s GT Karakoram serial number and frame ID question

    I can confirm the serial number logic. The number of my Tequesta is H3M5 4603 94087, 94 model year fits with the fork being stamped 1993 and a nearly complete STX equipment that was used for the Tequesta from 94 to 96. I am intrigued about the first 4 characters. They look like they have been...
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    Wanted Grips GT Tequesta 1994, for the ergo handlebars

    I am selling my GT Ergobar with original grips. The grips are pretty dry, I don't dare to remove them. In case that originality of the compoments is not a concern, how about the Ergotec Buffalo grips? Or the softer Toronto ones...
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    show us your gt's

    I am starting to restomod this GT Tequesta (or is it a Timberline?) I bought it last week, the previous owner bought it with this terrible paint job and left it in the garage for years. Because of the paint, the model stickers are gone. I would love to get help identifying this GT, my best...
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    Muddy Fox Courier black 1991 (?) Germany

    If anyone is interested I offer my help for the communication and logistics, I am local. I really am intrigued with this bike. In some ways I am glad that the bike is too small for me as I retro-mod my bikes with modern components. With all the original parts and the general good condition of...
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    Muddy Fox Courier black 1991 (?) Germany

    Found this in local eBay Kleinanzeigen (Kijiji or little ads). Found this intriguing as it looks mostly original. I am too tall for this one. Thought about buying and reselling this MF, but too much family hassle ( "ANOTHER BIKE?") Looks like a mix of Shimano components, mostly 200gs, rear...