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    Kona Caldera 18"

    Hi, So update, touched up frame withe humbrol 21 black enamel and when it's hardened will use cutting paste then polish. Front wheel had been serviced before and over tightened and what looks like car LM grease in there, it had a slight ding in bearing race but after a re grease and setting...
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    Orange P7 1996 17"

    Looks closer to 16 inch?, still tidy, shame its that far away.
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    Wanted Kona P2 Forks

    Hi, looking for some cheap 😬 P2 Forks with a 185mm or more threadless steerer, I measured from top to bottom of bearing race in judys. Mark
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    Kona Caldera 18"

    Well got the bike today and so far frame is good apart from chips mainly on the chain stays, I wire wooled the frame to remove the surface rust which has filled the finish but polish brings it back. Not sure if it's paint or powder coat as it's very thin in places so it's a full strip and re...
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    Rock Shox Judy T2

    Hi, I'm picking the Kona Caldera up tomm and thought if I cant find a P2 fork for it the Judy T2 will have to stay so as they are a fair few years old where would I find the right service kit or as i have seen the aftermarket steed? springs upgrade. I would think the elastomers are probably in...
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    Kona Caldera 18"

    Hi all, Ive not been here for a while but Ive just bought this Caldera on Ebay to collect Saturday, seat is a bit damaged but the rest looks to only have light use over the years. It comes with the Judy T2 shocks but will be looking for some P2`s for it I think, I lost intrest on using my indoor...
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    Looking for a bike

    Hi, Its been a while since I was on here last, I looking for a bike to assemble over the winter,17 or 18 inch frame I think. Ive seen ... 3398212448 but not sure if its a 16 or 17 inch, also this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=384377 Both my old P7 and the...
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    Marin, What To Do?

    Hi, So I was a tad impulsive and bought this marin from ebay from a old bloke that owned it from new, now not sure what to do with it, looked ok in the advert but headset, bb bearings are shot, wheel bearings feel dry but not stripped them yet rims are good and wheels straight, groupset is Exage...
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    Coyote HT5 Easton Ultralight

    Re: Frame size is 18 inch from c to t-t, more images added to dropbox link.
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    Coyote HT5 Easton Ultralight

    Sooo after a while and a few little rides I realise I still don't like alloy frames, so im offering it up for sale or maybe a swap for a steel frame 17 or 18 inch. the spec is mavic 517 rims on xt hubs, deore chain set and rear mech, deore front mech and vees, xt brake levers, deore shifters...
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    Saracen (SOLD) and Trek Frame cheap **REDUCED **

    Re: Hi I pmd about your location for the Trek frame. Mark
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    Rescuing a Pace RC200 F4 Frame

    Re: Hi Outstanding repair, I love threads like this, great work. Mark
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    Coyote Easton Ultralight HT5

    Re: Thanks, Im not a dirty rider lol, not sure what to do with it, upgrade drive train parts or ride it as is, going to strip and polish it all the regrease and rebuild first. I prefer steel frames and rigid forks really but this was a good price and fits me better than the saracen or p7 I had...
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    Coyote Easton Ultralight HT5

    Re: ... %20HT5.jpg Drop box link :D
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    Coyote Easton Ultralight HT5

    Re: Hi So I bought the bike, mavic 517 rims on xt hubs, deore chain set and rear mecc, deore front mech and vees, xt brake levers, deore shifters, itm and mint ritchey seat post, ritchey stem and riser bars, FSA headset, marzzochi z2 atom shockers in mint nick. Bike has hardly been used.piccys...