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    Colnago Conic SLX Total Spiral

    Cheers guys, I think the Neo look gives a great look whilst maintaining the optimum functionality. It also means that it will get ridden, rather than being an ornament. My next few questions all relate to Campagnolo Record and S Record from 2011 (i think) through to when 11 speed ended. I...
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    Colnago Conic SLX Total Spiral

    Many thanks, it looks like I have many options to choose from which is a good place to be in. I must admit having trawelled the net for some suitable cranks, none found but I am sure some 170mm Records or SR's will turn up. Having 34/50 on my summer bike and 39/53 on my winter bike, I have...
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    Colnago Conic SLX Total Spiral

    I have decided to restore my Buckler Conic SLX. To be honest it's not the nicest of paint schemes and needs freshening up. I was going to use it as wall art but after seeing a beautiful Tommasini I have the urge to kit it out with a modern 11 speed Campag groupset. I have some Bora 2's that i...
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    Wanted Pinarello Montello , Gavia or Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

    Widening the field if anyone can help. Thankyou.
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    Bar recommendation for a 1993 build

    Gotta love Cinelli Crit or Giro with a matching AX stem
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    For Sale Campag Sprockets & DA7400 Head Parts FOC

    Ooh yes please I will PM you for details
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    Wanted Ambrosio Rims

    Hi, looking for some NOS Period early 90's rims, clincher 28 through 36. Not silver though. Cheers
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    How to date a Colnago FCI Super Pista?

    Any feedback available? Here is a pic of my serial. It says P3.
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    Wanted White Flite Titanium

    OK Mike for sure but remember I am made of flesh bone muscle etc and not money 😃😃
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    Road Rims from 90-94

    Anybody roll out some of the period rims brands and models from the early 90's. Ambrosio etc that would have been used on the Pro Tour scene?
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    Wanted White Flite Titanium

    Looking for a white flite please. Thanks
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    Wanted Pinarello Montello , Gavia or Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

    Wondering if anyone has a a tiny Pinarello Montello, Gavia or EM Corsa Extra that they are not doing anything with 48cm, 49cm or 50cm. I would like to give it a new lease of life. Please form an orderly queue rather than all sprinting for the line at once.
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    Dave yates M steel cycles any good? Help pre purchase

    That's a corker. Snap it up and enjoy what it can deliver.
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    How to date a Colnago FCI Super Pista?

    This would be interesting as I also have a Pista with low numbers. I mailed Colnago some time ago but unfortunately no reply. I used to ride mine at Calshot. Still great fun.
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    Roberts D.O.G.S.B.O.L.X

    This thread is reminding me of the Dumb and Dumber To sketch where Lloyd fakes for twenty years, "C'mom Lloyd you gotta get over this paint job." Well I have news! The frame is at Argos being put right! Of course it will be some time as I trawl through old photos and send to Mark for accurate...