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    Brighton to Macclesfield??? 87 Saracen

    Well I'm doing a 600km Audax tomorrow, so cycling from Brighton isn't beyond the realms of what's achievable. Unfortunately, the damage to the frame makes it currently un-rideable.
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    Brighton to Macclesfield??? 87 Saracen

    It may well come to that...
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    1989 Saracen Traverse

    Nice. One that I'd make room for in my collection.
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    1992 Saracen Tufftrax

    That's a 1992 model year frame. Or at least the decals are. Spec, if original, suggests it may be a non catalogue 'special' or 'limited edition' bike sold off in late 1992 to clear out the Saracen factory for the newer 1993 bikes.
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    1988 Saracen Trekker

    The BB had been replaced before I got a hold of this one. It would've originally had a cup and cone BB, but had at some point been replaced with a cartridge BB. From the plastic cups I'd say it's a Shimano UN52, but can't be sure without removing it so I can look at the shell. To answer your...
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    1989 Saracen Kili Flyer Competition

    Stalled somewhat. Something to do with the time it takes to run a bike business when nothing is available until Spring 2022.
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    Just One Mountain Bike in Genesis Bike's 2021 Range

    Moved to post 1998 section.
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    markybeau's feedback

    Got some very nice Deore MT-62 thumbshifters from Mark. All wrapped up nicely inside a padded envelope and sent securely and promptly. All good. Thanks Mark. :)
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    For Sale Deore thumbies, stxrc crankset, dx front mech, m738 Front mech

    Are the Deore MT-62 thumbshifters described as excellent condition still available? If so I would like to take them please. Sending PM
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    1988 Saracen Trekker for sale

    ( moved from the For Sale section of the forum )
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    For Sale Deore thumb shifters, XTR 34.9mm front mech

    Could I take the Deerhead front mech and brakeset please? Sending PM.
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    Withdrawn WTD: Saracen Quill Stem - '89 era - NO LONGER NEEDED

    I may have a spare one somewhere. Any length in particular?
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Oh and to answer your axle query. Yes it's pretty much a straight swap if you can get your hands on a ~140mm axle for 130 OLD or ~145mm axle for 135mm OLD.
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    1988 Marin Bear Valley

    Nice. I do like the late eighties pre zolatone Marins. And MT-60 Deore always looks great too. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.