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1986 TerraRunner
1989 TerraRunner
1991 TerraRunner Carbolite

The TerraRunner was an upper-midrange mountainbike model from Koga-Miyata. The TerraRunner was introduced in 1986, so it is part of the Koga off road line up from the beginning.

1986-1990: the steel TerraRunner

From 1986 to 1991 TerraRunners had a nice steel frame: full Hardtlite FM-1 Spiral Spline tubing, lugged construction.

1991-1992: two TerraRunners

Gradually more exotic materials and constructions initially introduced on more expensive models were adopted. In 1991 Koga carried a steel TerraRunner built with Miyata's Hardtlite paralel to a TerraRunner Carbolite that combined a 1991 SkyRunner front triangle with a Hardtlite rear triangle.

For 1991 there was a major redesign for the steel TerraRunner: in line with the OS fashion the tubing dimensions increased and the headtube went to 1-1/8". Seatpost size 29.6mm (was 26.8). Cables now routed over the toptube.

In 1992 the TerraRunner used Miyata's second generation bonded and bolted design and came again in two variations: 1) aluminium tubing in front triangle, Hardtlite for tail, 2) Carbolite tubing in front triangle, aluminum for tail.

1993: TerraRunner Alloy

In 1993 the TerraRunner had a full aluminium bonded and bolted frame. With polished tubing en pinkish lugs it was pretty extravagant even for early 90s standards. Extremely slooping toptube.