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Seats list is a table with a list of seats and their weights, as measured by Retrobike users.

Manufacturer Model Width /mm Weight Claimed /g Weight Actual /g Material Rails Material Comments
Avocet C20 Ladies 495
Bike Hard Test 110 Carbon Gold
G Terry Ladies (first) 350
G Terry Ti Racing Ladies 227
Pro Griffin SL 190 210
Ritchey Logic 300
San Marco Bontrager CroMo 214 CroMo
San Marco Bontrager Ti 210 Titanium
San Marco SKN Ti 203 Titanium
Scott Components Kevlar 294 Kevlar
Sella Italia Flite 154 Stripped deck
Sella Italia Flite Evolution 2 118 Carbon
Sella Italia Flite MAX 323
Sella Italia Flite Ti 195 Titanium
Sella Italia Flite Ti Kevlar 232 Kevlar Titanium
Sella Italia Flite Transalp Ti 207.3 Titanium Red lettering
Sella Italia Flite Transam Ti 257 Titanium
Sella Italia Flite TT 174
Sella Italia SLR 135 153
Sella Italia SLR 135 146
Sella Italia SLR 135 120 Leather and foam removed
Sella Italia SLR 135 106 Leather and foam removed, base trimmed down
Sella Italia SLR Kit Carbino 159
Sella Italia SLR TT 148
Sella Italia SLR TT 144 White
Sella Italia SLR xp 165 176 2007
Sella Italia Turbomatic 330
Sella Italia Turbomatic Ti 266 Titanium
Velo Bontrager Ti 224 Titanium