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The Photograph of The Month (abbreviated PoTM) contest is run on calendar month basis on Retrobike.co.uk. Nominations are taken during the first three weeks of the month, the poll is normally opened with around ten days remaining in the month.

A complete list of winners since the contest began follows.

Date Poll Type Winner Front Page Poll Thread Nomination Thread Preview
September 2013 Fire! Ductape front poll nomination PoTM September 2013 is Ductape Fire.jpg
August 2013 The Enemy hollister [ front] poll nomination PoTM August 2013 is hollister TheEnemy.jpg
July 2013 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly andreaviola [ front] poll nomination PoTM July 2013 is andreaviola GoodBadUgly.jpg
June 2013 Belonging Ductape [ front] poll nomination PoTM June 2013 is Ductape Belonging.jpg
May 2013 The Great Escape Ductape [ front] poll nomination PoTM May 2013 is Ductape GreatEscape.jpg
April 2013 Continuity yo-Nate-y front poll nomination PoTM April 2013 is yo-Nate-ys Continuity.jpg
March 2013 Young at Heart kikaha front poll nomination PoTM March 2013 is kikahas Young at Heart.jpg
Febraury 2013 Recoil hollister front poll nomination PoTM February 2013 is hollister Recoil.jpg
January 2013 New Beginnings yo-Nate-y front poll nomination PoTM January 2013 is yo-Nate-ys New Beginnings.jpg
December 2012 My Trail Halaburt (top)

theredchili (bottom)
front poll nomination PoTM December 2012 Halaburt My Trail.jpg

PoTM December 2012 Theredchilli My Trail.jpg
November 2012 Patterns & Texture Tigern front poll nomination PoTM November 2012 Tigern Pattern and Texture.jpg
October 2012 Power Uschibert front poll nomination PoTM October 2012 Uschibert Power.jpg
September 2012 Urban unkleGsif front poll nomination PoTM September 2012 unkleGsif Urban.jpg
August 2012 This is Why Mr Panda front poll nomination PoTM August 2012 - Mr Panda - This is Why.jpg
July 2012 Tricolore sinnerman front poll nomination PoTM July 2012 - sinnerman - Tricolore.jpg
June 2012 Water, Water, Everywhere zigzag front poll nomination June 2012 PoTM - Water Water Everywhere - zigzag.jpg
April 2012 Only The Shadow Knows GaryTurner front poll nomination April 2012 PoTM - Only the Shadow knows - GaryTurner.jpg
March 2012 Spring Has Sprung! Rio front poll nomination PoTM Mar 2012 - Spring Has Sprung Rio.jpg
February 2012 It’s Not About The Bike SwanHouseNappa front poll nomination PoTM Feb 2012 - Its Not About The Bike - SwanHouseNappa.jpg
January 2012 Mudwinter Hollister front poll nomination PoTM Jan 2012 - Mudwinter - Hollister.jpg
December 2011 Reflection eastcoaststeve front poll nomination Eastcoaststeve 213.jpg
November 2011 Nocturnal lewis1641 front poll nomination Lewis1641 766.jpg
October 2011 Falling Leaves wtb_rider front poll nomination Wtb rider 212.jpg
September 2011 Autumnal GaryTurner front poll nomination 810647DSC03834.jpg
July 2011 Blue Sky Biking .jan front poll nomination Jan 178.jpg
June 2011 It's Summer Hollister front poll nomination 20110707potmjun01hollister.jpg
January 2011 Dr S poll
December 2010 GaryTurner
the beaver
November 2010 Winter Is Coming legrandfromage poll
October 2010 Retrobike Meet kaiser front poll
September 2010 Discovery Dr S front poll
August 2010 Secret Trails kirbdug
front poll
July 2010 Blue Sky onza100 front poll
June 2010 Anything Retro Goes Dr S front poll
May 2010 The Wheel Easy Rider front poll
April 2010 This Is Why Wu-Tangled front poll
March 2010 BITD eastcoaststeve front poll
January 2010 gil_m poll
June 2009 yo-eddy poll
March 2009 Random 24pouces poll 732296SM01.jpg
January 2009 badbushido poll
October 2008 Shamus front poll
August 2008 Summer 24pouces poll Hollidayspx1.jpg
April 2008 Green CherryMatt front poll
March 2008 Two Wheeled Landscape yo eddy front poll
February 2008 Action Shot Wu-Tangled front poll
January 2008 ameybrook
front poll
July/August 2007 Hilts poll
May 2007 Elev12K poll

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