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1996 Marzocchi XC700 and DH3
dial, 6 settings for XC700
Marzocchi damper en Verlicchi DH swing

Marzocchi is an Italian manufacturer from suspension forks and rear damper units.

The company has a background in suspension systems, for example for motorcycles. Their 1st fork for the mountainbike was the hydraulic Starfork in 1991. This fork later evolved into the XC100s series. Through the XC100s came available in several anodized colours: purple, blue, red, champagne... For the smaller budget a more economical XC51 fork was added to the line up. The XC51 lacked CNC machining of the lowers and it didn't have a dial to adjust the damping with. A 4 step dial was introduced with the XC500 in the 1994. The XC500 also got a redesigned booster.

In 1995 Marzocchi launched a downhill specific fork, the DH3. In the same year Marzocchi's elastomer fork saw light. It was called the Zokes and it was positioned below the hydraulic forks. A new crown design was introduced for all hydraulic forks, now with bolts at the back, and the cantilever brake was now operated through a bolt on cam on the booster. The XC600 got a dial with 6 settings for the damping. The XC51 was replaced by the XCR, in fact a more luxurious variation, now with 6 step dial to adjust the damping with. The stanchion diameter for the hydraulic forks increased from 24mm to 26mm, what is important to take into account when you're looking for spares.

For 1996 the booster was redesigned. Adapters for Formula disc brakes came available.

In 1997 the XC100s were replaced by the Bomber series.

Marzocchi contributed to the Verlicchi downhill (DH) frame with their damper unit and design input. Verlicchi, a company with a history in motorcycle frames, supplied this frame to companies like Iron Horse, Sintesi and Kona. The Iron Horse FS Works was the 1st full suspension that was raced to a World title: the 1992 DH World title in Bromont, Italy with rider Dave Cullinan.