Fat Chance 10th Anniversary

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The September 2006 Fat Chance 10th Anniversary Bike of the Month.

The Fat Chance 10th Anniversary was a steel mountainbike frame made in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of its manufacturer, Fat City Cycles of Somerville, Massachusetts.

The frame was a lightweight version of the Fat Chance Yo Eddy. It featured a lightweight chro-mo chassis with a diamond shape. Special features were machined and bare stainlesss steel dropouts and an anodized titanium headbadge. It came with a Big One Inch fork and was painted silver with a fade to purple, but a few custom painted white 10th Anniversary models were also made.

In total there were approximately 170 frames made amongst which many are still in mint condition.

The bike was tested by Mountain Bike Action in July 1992, equipped with Campagnolo Record OR.


  • September 2006 BoTM