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Giom6′s Dave Yates Vulcan E-stay is Bike of The Month April 2014

May 9th, 2014

Giom6's Dave Yates Vulcan E-stayThe April 2014 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Giom6′s Dave Yates Vulcan E-stay, from some solid competition.

The full result is as follows
1. Giom6′s Dave Yates Vulcan E-stay
2. Richieb’s 1990- Brodie Catalyst
3. mauricer’s 1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Click here for more details and full results.

huelse’s Ibis 1989 SS Kogler special edition is the ‘Special Edition Special’ BoTM February 2014

March 11th, 2014

huelse's Ibis 1989 SS Kogler special edition The February 2014 ‘Special Edition Special’ Bike of The Month contest was taken by huelse’s Ibis 1989 SS Kogler special edition.

The full result is as follows

1. huelse’s Ibis 1989 SS Kogler special edition
2. oneschnark’s Fat Chance 10th Anniversary
3. jonnyboy666′s 1993 Orange Aluminium Elite Limited Edition Gold

Click here for more details and full results (more…)

‘The History of Mountain Biking’ – magazine review

February 25th, 2014

The History of Mountain BikingI read lots of mountain bike magazines. There’s currently a four foot high stack of them in my back bedroom. I’ve taken out subscriptions to all the major ones at some point over the last 20 years and even had articles and photographs published some of them.
So I am always a bit sceptical whenever I see a feature on the history of mountain biking. Experience tells me that it’s usually a disappointing sidebar feature which is compromised by brevity and sometimes spoilt by inaccuracy.

A few publications, notably the now defunct Privateer, have got it right though. Nice long in depth articles from highly regarded sources; so when ‘The History of Mountain Biking’ landed on my doormat I wasn’t expecting to be impressed.

On a first quick flick through of the 154 pages I was struck by the lack of advertisements. In fact unlike the mainstream magazines which have so little content compared to the volume of adverts, this had none, apart from on the inside covers. This was all content; a good prospect.

Scanning through the list of contributors revealed a range of very highly regarded journalists and significant figures in mountain biking’s past and present.
Tym Manley, Charlie Kelly, Steve Worland, Jacquie Phelan, Steve Behr, Wende Cragg to name but a few…

The first article written by Tym Manley, is engaging and well written, summing up the story behind the ‘official’ rise of the mountain bike in California. It’s in depth and really sets the scene, introducing many of the key figures of the time.

Fat Chance Yo Eddy

February 14th, 2014

Grello Fat Chance Yo EddyIn the early 1980s, Chris Chance, an American frame-builder who specialized in TT and criterium bikes, formed Fat City Cycles in Somerville, Massachusetts, and began building mountain bikes. He had an intuitive and prodigious talent, and over the course of the decade was building the best handling off-road bikes in the world, including the Fat Chance with a relaxed, upright position and the more responsive Wicked Fat Chance with quicker-handling geometry. For the 1990 model year, Fat City Cycles launched a new top-of-the-line racing model, the Fat Chance Yo Eddy! Team. Combining everything Chris knew about designing efficient, quick-handling bikes for criterium races with almost a decade of building the sweetest handling mountain bikes, his resulting effort was perhaps the finest handling mtb ever built.

The Yo Eddy was hand built in the Somerville, Massachussetts factory, and TIG welded from quad butted, heat-treated True Temper 4130 chromoly steel. The frame weighed 4lb 5oz, and the fork 1lb 12oz, and every bike was a work of art. All the major cycling magazines praised the Yo Eddy’s sublime handling characteristics, incredible climbing and descending abilities, and almost telepathic responses to rider inputs. Seasoned bike journalists were astonished by the craftsmanship, examples being the silver brazed cable guides, strengthening gussets around high-stress tube junctures, and frame alignment accuracy to within one thousandth of an inch. (more…)

wadsy’s 1993 Diamondback Axis Team Titanium is Bike of The Month January 2014

February 10th, 2014

wadsy's 1993 Diamondback Axis Team TitaniumThe January 2014 Bike of The Month contest was taken by wadsy’s 1993 Diamondback Axis Team Titanium, from some excellent machines as is shown by the three way tie for 2nd place!

The full result is as follows
1. wadsy’s 1993 Diamondback Axis Team Titanium
2= Giom6′s 1992 John Samways Formula One
2= Richieb’s 1990- Brodie Catalyst
2= mauricer’s 1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard

Click here for more details and full results (more…)

Tushingham B-52 – Orange Mountain Bikes pre-history

January 21st, 2014

Tushingham B52UK MTB scene stalwarts Orange Mountain Bikes can trace their ancestry back to wind surfing company Tushingham. Orange’s Lester Noble worked for Tushingham back in the 80s and there the Tushingham mountain bike range was designed. The lucky owner of this Tushingham B-52 which is being offered for sale on ebay picked it up without realising the bike’s significance and is now selling it. The B-52s apparently came from the same factory as the Muddy Fox Courier, hence numerous similarities. Tushinghams are a rare beast, later in the 80s Lester Noble went on to form Orange with Steve Wade and the rest is very much history!

Click here to discuss in the forum.

CCMDoc’s 1989 Merlin/Mongoose John Tomac Signature is Bike of The Month December 2013

January 20th, 2014

CCMDoc's 1989 Merlin/Mongoose John Tomac SignatureThe December 2013 Bike of The Month contest was taken by CCMDoc’s 1989 Merlin/Mongoose John Tomac Signature, from some excellent machines.

The full result is as follows
1. CCMDoc’s 1989 Merlin/Mongoose John Tomac Signature
2. Giom6′s 1992 Zinn Z-Centaur
3. theproscloset’s Missy Giove Yeti ARC ASLT

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Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

December 17th, 2013

Top ten Christmas Gifts for CyclistsStuck on last minute Christmas gifts for the cyclist and retrobiker in your life? There is still plenty of time to pick something up either from your local bike shop or most of the online retailers. Let us help you avoid a last minute dash to Marks & Spencer’s for a pack of socks on Christmas Eve with our top ten last minute gift guide. (more…)

Retrobike 2013 Christmas Specials

December 13th, 2013

The Christmas 2013 Specials are now online, click here to see the Retrobike Xmas Specials. We are doing various bundle deals all of which represent a massive saving off normal price.

Numbers are limited to stock so if you want a combo be quick :D

Hope Technology Factory Visit

December 9th, 2013

Hope Technology Factory VisitBarnoldswick. It just sounds like a Northern village name. I can’t hear it without thinking of a northern accent saying it. The kind of place you find in a rom-com where Cameron Diaz goes to find herself but finds Ewan McGregor instead. What you actually find in Barnoldswick is Hope.

Pulling up at the house of Hope is quite different from most of the British bike industry I’ve visited. It’s, well, kind of American actually. At least in appearance. Kind of huge in presence and neat in display. You’d never think this gentrified modernised church of British bicycle family silver was actually made in this incredibly smart building, it’s just too nice, too neat, too, well, American. But this front of house is entirely appropriate. To the founders, to the workers, to the ethos, to the product. (more…)

girlonbike’s 1990 Fat City Team Comp is Bike of The Month November 2013

December 6th, 2013

girlonbike's 1990 Fat City Team CompThe November 2013 Bike of The Month contest was taken by girlonbike’s 1990 Fat City Team Comp, from some very strong competition.

The full result is as follows
1. girlonbike’s 1990 Fat City Team Comp
2. mr_ship’s Alpinestar’s Ti-Mega
3. Stumpjumper1990 1991 Specialized Stumpjumper Epic

Click here for more details and full results (more…)

Halaburt’s 1996 WTB Steel Phoenix is the ‘Halloween Special’ BoTM October 2013

November 28th, 2013

Halaburt’s 1996 WTB Steel Phoenix The October 2013 ‘Halloween Special’ Bike of The Month contest was taken by Halaburt’s 1996 WTB Steel Phoenix.

The full result is as follows

1. Halaburt’s 1996 WTB Steel Phoenix
2. Noka78′s 1988 Fat Chance Wicked in pumpkin-orange
3. landsbee’s 1992 Salsa A La Carte

Click here for more details and full results (more…)

Jason McRoy’s Specialized FSR Downhill Mountain Bike “Mammoth Mountain ’95″

November 27th, 2013

Jason McRoy's Specialized FSR Downhill Mountain BikeThe word legend is one which is used all to readily, especially in sporting endeavour. For a select few the titled is deserved, the sadly late Jason McRoy was surely one of those. In the days when MTBing was still a relatively young sport and many retrobikers still young men JMC took on the best in the world and in many cases won. His life was tragically cut short but the memory lives on. The McRoy family have been auctioning some of his bikes with proceeds going to charity. This FSR was the last bike Jason raced on and was sold earlier this year for a shade over £5K. The seller has relisted it, once again some proceeds are going to the JMC Foundation. Check the auction out here > JMC Specialized FSR and discuss in the forum here.

Greenstiles Rest In Peace

November 5th, 2013

nigel_tillettWe were extremely saddened to learn that forum regular Greenstiles aka Nigel Tillett has passed away following a motorcycle accident on Saturday 19th October

There is a thread setup here in Nigel’s memory, please post your thoughts there.

The funeral is to take place on Friday 8th November, a collection is being made in Nigel’s memory for ASPIE, an Asperger’s charity in Worcester which was a cause close to Nigel. Details on both are contained here.

Our thoughts go out to Nigel’s widow Alison and young son Alexander in this difficult time. Greenstiles, wherever you are mate, RIP.

Buying a retro mountain bike

October 29th, 2013

Why a retrobike?ameybrook's 1991 Yeti Cycles Ultimate

The coolest people of every generation have an icon. During the 1960s, among the rock n’ roll set on Chelsea’s Kings Road, it was the Jaguar E-Type. In the 2010s, the trendsetters are the 20-something media types of Shoreditch. They wear skinny jeans that stop above the ankle, and the coolest have meticulously manicured moustaches. Their preferred mode of transportation is a retrobike, specifically a fixed-wheel road bike from the 1970s or 80s, such as a Colnago or a Mercian. Less cool, but still way ahead of most of the population, is a slightly older male – mid 30s to mid 40s – typically a graphic designer with a penchant for classic trainers and vintage mountain bikes. On dry spring and summer days, they can be spotted cycling to work at a design studio in Islington on classic mountain bikes from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Some are on top-of-the-range dream bikes like the Klein Attitude, Fat Chance Yo Eddy, and the Yeti FRO, while others ride models like the Muddy Fox Courier, or an early Marin, which – to retrobikers – are just as cool from a design point of view. The main reason for this is that the century-old classic bicycle design reached a peak around this time, before technology such as suspension and hydraulic brakes changed the game. In essence, a retrobike, from entry-level to top end, is a celebration of classic bike design. (more…)

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