Ellsworth Epiphany MK1 Fork Question

Author:  julesg007 [ Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Ellsworth Epiphany MK1 Fork Question

Hi all,

Some help needed as my poor old brain is about the explode.

I've got the opportunity to purchase a MK1 Epiphany frame and am seeing if some forks I have will work with the frame.

Anyhow as the frame has 5 1/4" or 133mm of rear travel, I would assume that any fork with the same amount of travel would work.

I have a pair of DT Swiss XMC 130 that I assume would work perfectly or am I talking nonsense. They have a crown to axle measurement of 505mm.

Thanks for the help.

Author:  1210tech [ Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:36 pm ]
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I have seen full suspension bikes with 140mm of rear travel using 130mm travel forks so I can't see it being a problem....but I've only just started riding full sus myself so couldn't give you a definite answer. Also, you need to allow for about 25% of sag on the suspension front & rear too.

Is there any info on the Ellsworth website about the frame and what the minimum/maximum fork specs are?

Author:  julesg007 [ Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:12 pm ]
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Thanks for the reply.

I spoke with Ellsworth and they feel it would be alright to use the forks. Unfortunately as the frame is now no longer made the technical info has been archived so they couldn't go into details.

Been on the Freeborn website and and there is some info but the built spec bike example is using 140mm forks but they mention the geometery/angles given are based on a Fox fork with a c to a of 495mm.

Also spoke to F/B and they feel a 140mm is more suited but also had a look on MTBR and a number of riders feel 130mm is fine, some even using 120mm. Also I've read that the c to a measurements vary from fork to fork, I read that a R/S 140mm fork has the same c to a as a Fox 130mm fork just to confuse things!

As 5 1/4" is 133mm I think I'd be pretty safe especially as mine have a c to a of 505mm.

Author:  dvatcmark [ Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:39 pm ]
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I've got a mk2 moment and it feels best all round with forks set to 140mm , in my case rs revelation u turns. They are 150mm at full travel but on anything but downhill 150mm makes it feel a bit wandery on the front.

So scaling the travel down i would have thought around 120mm would be the right travel for your frame.

Ideally you could do with trying out a travel adjustable fork to see what length feels best fit your style of riding

Author:  julesg007 [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:10 am ]
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The more I think about things the more convinced a 130mm travel fork will work with a 133mm rear travel, after all most 100mm rear travel frames use a 100mm travel fork!

I know the SST 1 and SST 2 are meant to be run with a 140mm fork but I am sure from the depths of my memory I was told a 130mm fork would work with a MK1 Epiphany or I wouldn't have got them as originally I wanted them for an Epiphany but never quite seemed to have enough money to buy one.

I got the forks first in anticipation of getting the frame as they were on sale at a very good price so they have been sitting in the box since buying them, so they are effectively as new. I'd love to go all out and invest in a 2013 frame and matched forks but that will set me back over £2,700 and right now that just isn't going to happen as if it did I'd end up divorced!!!

So I have to make the best use of what got so the XMC130's have to be used.

Thanks for the help much appreciated.

Author:  Mindmap3 [ Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:14 pm ]
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They should be fine, I wouldn't go any shorter as it will steepen the head angle and lower the bottom bracket.

Most full sussers (with the exception of DH bikes) tend to match front and rear travel, or go for a slightly longer fork.

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