marzocchi Z1 bomber cr 2000 year

Author:  Spibblo [ Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  marzocchi Z1 bomber cr 2000 year

I'm now the proud owner of these tangerine dream beauty forks.
They're meant to be going on my 1998 clockwork frame.
Problem is the frame is only correct for forks up to 100mm travel (so I'm told)
the exposed stantions measure 120mm from top of fork leg to bottom of yokes, does that mean they are 120mm travel?
I've read conflicting info on the travel, anything from 80mm to 130mm. Also 100/130.
Is there a choice of different travel settings in the fork itself? can make these
100mm? if not I fear I may have to sell them on ( or get a different frame :oops:)

Author:  carter711 [ Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:55 pm ]
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CNC arched Z1's came in either 4 or 5 inch travel.
It sounds as if you've got 4 inch ones and the extra 20mm is the bump stop, although I think the stanchion length on my 4 inch Z1's is 110mm I seem to remember.

There's an easyway to tell for sure. Undo the crown bolts and slide the stanchions out of the crown.
Unscrew one of the topcaps all the way out and empty the oil into a container, then lower the stantion as far as it will go into the lower leg and use a rubber band or ziptie to mark this level on the statchion.

Fully pull the stanchion out of the lower leg and measure the distance between the band/zip tie and the fork seal.

This is your max travel.

(btw the difference between a 120mm stanchion and 110mm stanchion will have an almost un-noticable difference on the feel of your bike, especially when you dial in 10-15mm of sag)

Hope this helps, but if I were you I'd just leave it! :D

Author:  Spibblo [ Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:30 pm ]
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great tip, thank you.

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