ededwards feedback

Author:  ededwards [ Fri Jan 05, 2007 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  ededwards feedback


Author:  jez-4-bikes-max [ Fri Jan 05, 2007 3:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

No problem here - great chap . Hope to deal with and meet in future.

Author:  Elev12k [ Fri Jan 05, 2007 8:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

I bought Control Tech V brakes from Ed. They can be seen on my Rond forks in the Show your stuff section. They are in great condition. Ed packed the brakes properly. I am very happy with them.

Thanks Ed!

Author:  Mark_h4dng [ Fri Jan 19, 2007 3:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

Good Honest seller, Cheers Ed

Author:  JustKev [ Fri Jan 19, 2007 3:32 pm ]
Post subject: 

good product, well packaged, good communication and a top bloke! Look forward to meeting him one day!

Author:  heathy [ Sat Jan 20, 2007 12:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Got some rather nice purple cooks brothers racing cranks
from him.
Great coms, delivery,product looks f%**cking great on my kona :D
Highly recomended.

Author:  JS1500 [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

Good stuff! Would definately buy from in the future.

Author:  John [ Sat Feb 17, 2007 11:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

Bought and sold stuff with Ed on numerous occasions - always a nice easy deal

Author:  Hilts [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:09 am ]
Post subject: 

Ditto all the other comments, good guy to deal with ..

Author:  gradeAfailure [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Agreed - top chap... :)

Author:  ape [ Tue Feb 27, 2007 2:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

What a nice chap, fantastic communication, great price, well happy with my forks and even slung in the grease gun and grease witht he forks. Pleasure to deal with. :D

Author:  cchris2lou [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 8:40 am ]
Post subject: 

Good transaction , no problems .

Author:  Augustus [ Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:23 pm ]
Post subject: 

Very nice chap. Good friendly communication and prompt postage. Item just as descibed.

Would definately deal with and hopefully ride with in the future.

Author:  JS1500 [ Tue May 22, 2007 8:14 am ]
Post subject: 

Another great transaction with Ed.
Top trustworthy bloke.

Author:  Bear-Chan [ Sat Jun 02, 2007 9:31 am ]
Post subject: 

another awesome feedback for ed. super friendly guy and a pleasure to deal with - taa very much indeed!

Author:  Simon [ Sun Jun 03, 2007 5:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

Brought my XLM off me, which I've never quite forgiven him for (well, more specifically the fact he seems to ride it even less than I did!).

Really great guy - refunded me for a parcel lost in transit and then dared to single-handedly tackle the beast that is Royal Mail for compensation.

Also sells top kit for bobbins money - please could someone buy his Eddy Merckx before I do!

Author:  Stick Legs [ Sun Jun 03, 2007 9:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

Top guy!

Author:  cannondale king [ Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

great guy my new p7 was better than descried cheers ed a pleasure :D :D :D :D :D

Author:  stevet1 [ Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:56 am ]
Post subject: 

bought a seatpost which was in great conditiion, and good communication even though I lost my chequebook for a couple of days...

Author:  retrobikeguy [ Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:45 am ]
Post subject: 

8) ,

bought some tyres and a post of me, Paid uber fast.

glad to hear they got there :wink:

Author:  mamadirt [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

Top guy to deal with, great comms. Thanks for the brakes Ed :D

Author:  scant [ Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

always a pleasure, never a chore in the abergavenny motorbike mass-up meeting ground :wink:

Author:  Russell [ Sat Aug 25, 2007 10:07 am ]
Post subject: 

Bought some Bomber forks from Ed for a friend. Happy for me to collect and ogle his bike collection, Merlin... Fat... Colnago... Went away with a great pair of forks but a tinge of jealousy :)

Author:  The Ken [ Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:15 am ]
Post subject: 

Very fast dispatch, lovely bar good price - satisfaction all round.

Author:  MarinTi [ Wed Oct 03, 2007 1:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

sold him some stuff, fast payer, would buy or sell from/to him again :)

Author:  gump [ Tue Oct 09, 2007 1:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

very fast payment, nice guy. No problem to deal with again.

Author:  Drapoon [ Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:07 am ]
Post subject: 

A definate non-messer. Prompt payment & good comms.

Buy/ sell with confidence :lol:

Author:  Vitorzip [ Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

Top guy. Great comms, excelent Retrobiker. Always a pleasure to help /deal with.

Very recommended.

Author:  tintin40 [ Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

:D :D :D can't get better than young ed

Author:  Mr. Zero [ Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ed dropped me a note after I'd made a post in the Wanted forum. Helped me obtain the relatively obscure bit I was after and had it to me promptly to boot!

Spreadin' the love. Thanks Ed!


Author:  Will Palmer [ Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Nice chap! Good friendly comms, items exacly as described - pleasure to deal with!!

Author:  neilll [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for speedy shipping of the seat collar mate - Just the job - Now I can ride one out of four bikes :)

Author:  pete_mcc [ Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

Top fella! All round good egg.

Author:  manitou916 [ Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:26 am ]
Post subject: 

Lovely set of cantis received, and very patient considering how fussy I can be (question question question), lol. Top man!

Author:  Pickle [ Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

No problems and good comms. Top chap as always :D

Author:  Will Palmer [ Fri Feb 15, 2008 10:48 am ]
Post subject: 

Another good transaction - exaclty as described and quickly delivered - what more could you want - Thanks Ed!

Author:  kaiser [ Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Got the bars today, top work fella. :D

Author:  neilll [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 10:49 am ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for the tires chap - Good seller as usual :D

Author:  yo-eddy [ Wed Feb 20, 2008 1:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanx for the Tyres Mate, they´ll look lovely on the GROOVY (..I hope :wink: )
cheers Roy

Author:  longbeech [ Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

Got the post today. :D nice guy. Good friendly communication and prompt postage. post just as descibed

Cheers Ed

Author:  andy.l [ Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:23 pm ]
Post subject: 

The futures saddles

Nice chap to deal with,quick postage aswell

thanks :wink:

Author:  hamster [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

Several deals - buying and selling. Top bloke.

Author:  neilll [ Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

Another top transaction completed in uber fast time - Nice bits of 'shiny' for my Pace :D :D :D

Thanks mate :wink:

Author:  orange71 [ Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:38 am ]
Post subject: 

Some lovely DX thumbies - just what I need for a nice spring morning :D


Author:  The Crow [ Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

Top buyer, fast payer.

Just the job.

All good here.

Author:  OrangeRetro [ Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:18 am ]
Post subject: 

Just recieved a rather tasteful XTR BB... :D Excellent stuf.. Cheers ED! :wink:

Author:  neilll [ Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:56 am ]
Post subject: 

As always, a pleasure to deal with and swift shipping - Thanks chap :D

Author:  xizang [ Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Sidi Techno Shoes

Had a pair of Sidi Techno shoes to get me back into my spuds off Sir Ed of Edwards 8)
Spot on for delivery, communication and price.
Thanks :D

Author:  neilll [ Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

Another perfect transaction from Ed - Always polite and always shipped quick, thanks for the steerer :)


Author:  fatfixie [ Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:52 am ]
Post subject: 

bought a set of forks from this fine chappie

quick postage, well packed. Excellent all round


Author:  sinnett177 [ Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

Very pleasant to deal with, great comms and really quick payment. Your stem will be posted Monday.

Author:  Andy B [ Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

Very easy transaction, good comms, fast payment.

Great guy to deal with.

Author:  jez-4-bikes-max [ Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Great bars! Thank you Ed for speedy turnaround ;)

Author:  Huntso [ Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

Answered my wanted ad and sent me some spacers for next to nothing.

Thanks very much

Author:  kona kid [ Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

all fine, he paid quickly, I sent and everyone is happy!

Author:  daj [ Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Proper nice bloke :D

Have purchased a frame which was given to me in good faith until I caught up with him later that night with the cash, and has sent me parts in the post which was quick delivered and well packaged.

Top man 8)

Author:  nic [ Thu Dec 04, 2008 11:05 am ]
Post subject: 

Surly 1x1 just arrived - well packed, delivered very quickly.

Be warned, Ed appears on this evidence to have an appaling taste for garish red handlebar stems with green bar grips!

Excellent to communicate and do business with.

Author:  russ77 [ Wed Dec 17, 2008 1:52 am ]
Post subject: 

Pace steerer arrived in no time at all. Well informed and informative seller.

Thanks very much!

Author:  Roly [ Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Edededed

Clear communication, prompt payment, soft hands (possibly).
Nice all round, bar the kipper feet....
waggle two thumbs at screen

Author:  cornholio's RC200 [ Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sent my stuff very quickly despite no doubt being as ill as I was over christmas (everybody was - yes?)

Much recommended :)

Author:  magicmistertea [ Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  salsa seat QR

Just brought a Salsa seat QR ...... nice product, excellent condition. very quick postage considering it was over the christmas period !!!
cheers mate :)

Author:  thekingofming [ Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:35 pm ]
Post subject: 

bought some carbon bars, arrived well packed and as described. Couldnt ask for more. thank you!

Author:  MJN [ Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

The cranks are cool,thanks :D

Author:  dbmtb [ Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

Another satisfied buyer here too.

Author:  993GT2 [ Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Received the Blue hyperlite bar and brake lever. Items are as described. Many thanks!!!!!!!!

Cheers from a very happy buyer :wink:

Author:  Inigo Montoya [ Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

quick shipping
pleasure to communicate with

Author:  BarneyRubble [ Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

Purchased M951 V-brakes, arrived in good time and in perfect working order as described. Cheers! :)

Author:  Gravy Monster [ Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

A true Gent, Helped me out big time and swaped some retro parts with me.

Brillant chap and cant wait to deal with again,


Author:  Tad [ Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

Nice n easy deal, a pleasure to buy from.

Author:  Roly [ Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:47 am ]
Post subject: 

Prompt payment and owner of the smallest sized handwriting in the Western World. Jeweller's eyeglass needed to read the cheque but VERY GOOD ALL ROUND CHAP!

Author:  Tad [ Sun May 03, 2009 10:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sold and swapped some stuff recently, a pleasure as ever.

Author:  bduc61 [ Wed May 13, 2009 5:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

No prob
stem will sit on a lightning :wink:

Author:  clockworkgazz [ Wed May 27, 2009 8:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

super quick postage, great price (practically giving it away 8) ) and a great set of tires- many thanks Ed.



Author:  ferrus [ Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

Bought some Campag Victory stuff in superb condition. Mr Edwards is also a true gentleman to deal with.
Many thank's fella. :D

Author:  neilll [ Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

Another top transaction with Ed, always a pleasure doing business :)

Great eVent jacket for them REALLY WET days....well pleased :D :D

Author:  WD Pro [ Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:54 am ]
Post subject: 

Sold a headset to this guy - good to deal with and paid quickley 8-)

WD :-)

Author:  Iwasgoodonce [ Mon Oct 19, 2009 10:31 am ]
Post subject: 

My jacket arrived quickly with good clear comms. Not a single issue. Just how it should be.

Author:  BarneyRubble [ Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:13 pm ]
Post subject: 

Swapped a pair of Bonty Titec Ti bars for Ed's silver X-Lite XC risers - very prompt in sending out bars and was happy for me to wait until I had taken the Bonty's of my Mrs bike before sending them to him. As always a pleasure doing business with. 8)

Author:  sunchaser [ Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

More than happy with my jersey :D


Author:  mr_ship [ Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

Pleasure to do business with :D

Author:  kaiser [ Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

A very generous package :D the mystery box master

Author:  jonnyboy666 [ Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:36 pm ]
Post subject: 

just got some ergolevers off Ed this morning, utterly Edtastic!! :D

all quickly agreed then posted quickly aswel, spot on. :D

Author:  hoegaardenadds1 [ Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

nice jersey, and easy person to deal with. many thanks

Author:  EarlofBarnet [ Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Quick delivery on 1" quill to 1 1/8" aheadset adapter. Many thanks! Matt

Author:  Kestonian [ Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:12 am ]
Post subject: 

Bought a frame from ededwards and have nothing but praise. Despite complications (all at my end due to my current location!) he was very accommodating and almost instant communication throughout the deal.

Many thanks, Woody

Author:  magicmistertea [ Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

just bought a set of kooka levers.... very fast postage and a good price.
highly recomended seller.
cheers :D

Author:  hamster [ Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

Bought a set of thumbies - top chap, fast, well packed.

Author:  clockworkgazz [ Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:10 pm ]
Post subject: 

great saddle at a top price super quick top man thank you 8)

Author:  cornholio's RC200 [ Tue Apr 13, 2010 9:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

Excellent t-shirts! Cheers for that :)

Author:  adieujoliecandy [ Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Can see the reason of the "Gold Trader" with such a nice saddle for such a fair price.

Author:  iveto1983 [ Sat May 22, 2010 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  RC30 forks

Ed responded very quickly to my wanted ad, with some lovely forks at a great price. :D
Excellent communication and very fast postage.
Faultless. 8)

Author:  Tad [ Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yet another great deal from the man. A pleasure as ever!

Author:  Grannygrinder [ Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  .

The man the legend :D . Free tyres, what more could a man ask for :D

Author:  tintin40 [ Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

A pleasure to do business with.

Author:  lewis1641 [ Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:28 pm ]
Post subject: 

cooks cranks arrived in a timely manner and in better nick than i expected. thanks

Author:  clunker [ Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

Many thanks well happy 8)

Author:  fingers [ Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

An excellent host and a pleasure to trade with. Top man, cheers Ed.

Author:  stevek [ Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks Ed, you've been very helpful and a pleasure to correspond with.

Author:  trickylad [ Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ed sold me some marzocchi's and even went to the trouble of meeting me in a convenient spot to save on postage. Thanks Ed. Hopefully see you at one of the rides.



Author:  trickylad [ Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ed sold me some marzocchi's and even went to the trouble of meeting me in a convenient spot to save on postage. Thanks Ed. Hopefully see you at one of the rides.



Author:  8690q [ Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:38 pm ]
Post subject: 

Just bought a nice Flite saddle from Ed.

I'm chuffed to bits with it !

Ed's great :lol:

Author:  zigzag [ Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

Lovely Syncros stem at a good price and in the post sharp - just the ticket. Cheers Ed!

Author:  tintin40 [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

ANther easy transaction. Fast sending, well packaged. 8)

Author:  CTK [ Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  M900 cantis

Well packaged, in very good condition and cheap but enough about me...

No probs as ever.

Thanks Ed

Author:  cornholio's RC200 [ Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:27 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sent my mech in double quick time. Excellent stuff :)

Author:  ishaw [ Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Swiftly delivered and well packaged chain rings are now awaiting some time to be fitted.

A pleasure as always.


Author:  Gravy Monster [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ed's payment was as fast as he runs............................ super quick and no messing :)

I look forward to the next 8)


GM 8)

Author:  letmetalktomark [ Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Top dealings with the big man.

Lovely Kona bright colouredness 8) 8)



Author:  Gravy Monster [ Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:21 pm ]
Post subject: 

Again, another super retrobike deal with Ed, came to the rescue with beauty of a front mech 8) for my bike.


GM 8)

Author:  XCDave [ Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ed came to my rescue too, saving me from nasty green tyres and swapping me some lovely black and grey ones! Many thanks indeed.

Author:  v12jat [ Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

bought some shoes, they arrived quick as a flash and as described.

cheers again!

Author:  oldave [ Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

Quick decision, quick payment. What more could one want? Thanks.

Author:  David B [ Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Speedy payment and a patient, polite RBer to deal with - thanks Ed!
Hopefully the Mavic bits & bobs should be with you by the weekend.


Author:  makster [ Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:24 pm ]
Post subject: 

Paid right away and a pleasure to deal with :D

Author:  Tel [ Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Got the levers today Ed, very fast transaction! Many thanks they're perfect :D

Author:  shaun l [ Tue Nov 01, 2011 1:34 pm ]
Post subject: 

Would definitely buy from Ed again, highly recommended.

Author:  XCDave [ Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:09 pm ]
Post subject: 

makster wrote:
Paid right away and a pleasure to deal with :D

Exactly what he said! Many thanks Ed.

Author:  ere-tis [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Gore baggy shorts

Bought some Gore baggy shorts from Ed.

Packaged well, delivered swiftly and they fit my fat arse too !

Top fella whom I'd happily deal with again.

Author:  edd9000 [ Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Got a frame from Ed, an easy transaction, thanks again.

Author:  Dick Scruttock [ Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

Great seller, really fast delivery.

Author:  jimmythejamjar [ Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:56 pm ]
Post subject: 

Just sold Ed a tyre, very easy to deal with.

Thanks fella


Author:  Ally [ Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for a nice straightforward deal Ed.


Author:  manitou916 [ Sun Feb 03, 2013 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ededwards feedback

Always a pleasure to deal with Ed. Excellent seller :D

Author:  kingroon [ Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ededwards feedback

Easy transaction, perfecto.. 8) A pleasure..

Author:  welly [ Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ededwards feedback

Bought a Yo Eddy frame, exactly as described if not better and was delivered within 2 days of payment. Would more than happily deal with again.

Many thanks.

Author:  ishaw [ Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ededwards feedback

Bought some saddles - well packed and swiftly posted. Many thanks.

Author:  Uncle Monty [ Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re:

Saddle from Ed arrived very quickly. Many thanks: Chris.

Author:  The History Man [ Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re:

Must lose weight!

Lovely gilet well packed and speedily sent.

Cheers Ed!

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