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JMC vs Rockwell on the Reebok Eliminator

November 11th, 2011

Uploaded to youtube by Carlton Reid this short you tube clip from Tyne Tees show ‘Chain Gang’ has a feature on Jason McRoy. Part of the feature shows some awesome footage of JMC vs Myles Rockwell on the Reebox Eliminator. Check it out >

Superstrong – British Masters (34-39) MTB XC National Champ

August 5th, 2011

Retrobike FTW!Congrats to Jeffy Beetham aka Superstong aka the man who rode Mayhem in a wool suit for becoming the Masters (34-39) MTB XC National Champion following the XC Champs in North Yorks, full result here. Third overall in the ever competitive Masters race was enough to see Jeffy take the 34-39 title.

Click here to discuss in the forum.

British MTB Series Round 4 Race Report, Margam Park – 26th June 2011

August 2nd, 2011

Retrobike FTW!For anyone who rode at the Mountain Mayhem, last Sundays (26th June) British MTB Series race at Margam Park saw familiar conditions. Wet, cold…hot, dry. We arrived on the Saturday with the intention of pre-riding, but day long drizzle washed away all enthusiasm. Sunday saw the temperature rise from 18 to over 30 degs – hot, hot, hot! I went for a bit of a pedal around the course – a combination of hard climbs, muddy chutes and generally pretty tough. Add the sudden heatwave into the mix and it looked set to be pretty damn hard work. Think Mayhem on steroids. In an oven. Or a woollen suit. Or a bear outfit if you’re that way inclined. (more…)

British MTB Series Round 1 Race Report, Sherwood Pines (ahem 27 March 2011) – KEEPIN’ IT REAL

June 14th, 2011

Retrobike FTW!Selling out…

Rather than the usual “goodbye” or “see you” for some reason I can’t help saying “keep it real” or “don’t sell out”. Hopefully I will stop it soon, but no doubt will move on to something equally annoying. Anyway, it started me thinking that it is actually a nice thing to do and while I don’t mean anything by it, maybe I should be taking my own candid advice. So, seeing as I race for Retrobike, I have the dilemma of riding old skool, whilst when it comes down to it, actually wanting to win. Perhaps this concept isn’t completely incompatible, but it could take some doing.
So, to come clean right from the start and seeing as this is meant to be a race report, I do have a history of competing in quite a lot of mtb from since around 1992. I would even go so far as to say that I have been consistently mediocre for quite a number of years! Anyway, I officially retired in 2005 after a successful year in the Masters category (if you are remotely interested I can bore you with the details) and ever since then have frankly found mtb racing, well lets say, not very exciting. The thought of pedalling around the same course against the same people for years on end would just about tip me over the edge. Perhaps the flame wasn’t quite extinguished though. I absolutely have to keep fit, and therefore I have dabbled in the odd race since – I may be best known to Retrobike users as the strange chap doing the run and first lap at the start of the Mountain Mayhem in an usual outfit. I most certainly remember the pain of the Raleigh Lizard last year and having my helmet mounted tiger tail stolen on the 1st climb. (more…)

L’Eroica 2010 Ride Report

October 18th, 2010

Edwards L'Eoica'I’d always fancied riding l’Eroica ever since I read about it a couple of years ago. Sunday was my chance. Here’s what happened.

Executive Summary
A fantastic ride in Tuscany on old road bikes. Wine, cheese and ham at the food stops and a warm reception for all. A must for all lovers of old bikes.

For those who can cope with the self-indulgence, here’s more.

A while back I posted up about l’Eroica to see if anyone was interested. Quite a few were but without any definite commitment. Then Fraser said that he was keen and would sort out accommodation – it was on!

After far too little training or preparation I found myself at Pisa Airport on Friday, ready to meet Fraser – apart from e-mails we’d only spoken on the phone briefly the night before and I’m not sure how he took my suggestion to approach me and ask “are you Blue Zeus?”. Thankfully that wasn’t necessary as my bikebag, Retrobike t-shirt and diffident air made that unnecessary. I was a little perturbed by Fraser’s classic grimpeur’s build but we chatted reassuringly easily on the shuttle bus. I quickly established that Fraser had two dogs but what was this “training with 1st Cats” – surely they’d fight with the dogs?

Saturday, since renamed Day Zero Minus One, dawned chilly but we were up and early and rapidly confirmed that the bikes (Fraser’s gorgeous Gios, my gate like and patina’d Raleigh) had survived the flight intact. We thought we’d head over to Gaiole in Chianti to register, see what was going on and ride a bit of the course. A Tuscan lunch sounded very pleasant. (more…)

OWMTBC10 – how was it for me

September 13th, 2010

OWMTBC 2010OWMTBC has always been a fairly loosely defined concept – we knew what we wanted to do but we didn’t necessarily want to hard sell it down people’s throats. ‘Build it and they will come’ was certainly my approach although I’m not sure who was Costner. It’s pretty self-indulgant to write up an event you organised but I’ve never lacked ego-centricity so here goes.

Barely had the dust settled from OWMTBC09, indeed we were still on the ferry home, and Max had been co-opted onto the Organising Committee. A combination of fatigue and beer had him agreeing enthusiastically. And so it began, ending last Sunday in Betws-y-Coed with an impromptu Fireroad Half Wheel Challenge. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Way ahead.

In darkest, coldest October I got the call from Neil – “I’ve got the venue for 2010!”. Slithering around the Marin Trail in the wet, 18 year old tyres protesting loudly, I wasn’t convinced but hey, the views of Snowdon were spectacular, we had a good base and the sponsors were already on board, so why not? On such naïve optimism do you achieve something great or be harangued in public by middle aged men who have paid you money. Only time would tell and I figured that glass half full or empty, as long as we had a glass we’d be ok.

Neil, Max and I got together again in Spring 2010 to re-ride the course and plan logistics. This went well until, in what can only have been a fit of pique, Neil through Max off a 15 foot drop. Max’s reaction was stoicism personified. Damn, it was definitely on now.

Fast forward to late August 2010. Plans had not exactly worked out as expected due to personal circumstances on my part and Max disappearing down a mine in China for 5 weeks, a drastic move but one I was increasingly to respect, even covet. Howies, Retrobike and Orange on board and coverage from ‘Privateer’, the offroad (butch) sister to Rapha’s ‘Rouleur’, all we had to do was deliver. No problem for gentleman of our calibre I thought. But that was before I was confronted with the bear.


OWMTBC 2010 – this weekend!

September 2nd, 2010

OWMTBC 2010OWMTBC takes place this weekend in North Wales. See a few of you there hopefully, just off to the garage to try and sort a bike to ride.

A global celebration of classic mountain bikes in action at OWMTBC 2010. In its second year, the Old World MTB Championship is a weekend dedicated to showing and riding classic mountain bikes with fellow enthusiasts, re-living the spirit of those free spirited early MTB weekends. The OWMTBC was designed to give an outlet to the growing fascination with the birth and early years of mountain biking – with the Retrobike forum in the UK having over 9,000 registered members, it looks like it is more than a minority interest group!
The OWMTBC weekend, over 3rd, 4th & 5th September, is all about original bikes, clothes, riders and attitude with points and prizes to be won over the weekend – so dig out your old MTB and head for the hills once more!

Full details and entry forms at:

Brighton Big Dog Update

July 28th, 2010

Brighton Big DogThis just in from the nice people at the Brighton Big Dog. For more details of retrobike involvment please click here.

It’s less than a month away and despite the event selling out in double quick time, they haven’t been taking it easy. From fine-tuning the already popular course to getting the youth racing (Little Dog) off the ground, here’s a round up of what’s been going on over in the Big Dog kennel.

Little Dog

After last years successful event the Big Dog team wanted to make sure the whole family could get involved in the big day out. Working with the very highly regarded VC Jubilee ( they are putting on The Little Dog in the morning prior to The Big Dog and all Little Dog racers will get the same cotton musette goody bag as those in the adult race too. There are categories for all boys and girls from 8 to 18. Enter online right here.

OneDer Dog

Many people have been caught out by the rapid sell out of the 2010 Brighton Big Dog and none so than the Big Dog team themselves. They have been taken aback by the demand for places and so have now opened online entries to the ever popular OneDer Dog category. This is a one lap “race” of the course which you can do at any time of the day. Whether you just want to see what all the fuss is about or you want to have a pop at The Hot Dog prize (that for the fastest lap of the race) your lap will be accurately timed by TimeLaps, so you can now really tell which one of your mates is the fastest (or slowest!). Free with each entry is the musette goody bag and also free tea and coffee. Enter online right here.

Retrobike @ Mountain Mayhem 2010

May 31st, 2010

James WebsterOnce again Retrobike will be at Mountain Mayhem at Eastnor – and once again this will be our biggest and best year ever!
The retrobike camp, trackside tent and show tent will be in one area this year and is not to be missed. Where will we be? Don’t worry, you’ll find us ;) Those of you racing this year should watch out for our retro-themed trackside tent of crazy supporters, listen out for those classic old schools tunes and party whilst you pedal! At Retrobike we don’t only party hard – we have over 40 riders in various teams and solo classes, making us probably the largest club in the event!
All Retrobike riders will be on old school machinery and some still in their vintage race strips! So be sure to support the Retrobike riders out on course!
For more details be sure to check out this thread in the forum which will be updated with the teams, planning and preparation.
If you’d like to order one of our famous MM T-shirts please register your interest on the thread here.

MacRetro 10 Under the Ben Aftermath

May 20th, 2010

FreedomThe weekend of 15th May saw the Bravehearts of MacRetro take on the Ten Under The Ben 10 hour mtb marathon. Read on to find out about their experiences (or click here for the aftermath thread).

Part 1 – The Ken sets the scene

Most of us set up camp early on Friday evening and headed of up the Aonach Mor gondola for our free meal and free very small malt whisky.
On return the other happy campers had arrived, We had a beer or 2 whilst chatting out in the drizzle taking turns not to out wheelie Eck on his monster San Andreas. Someone had to lift me up to get on it.

We eventually decided at around 11.30 to head off for a decent kip before our dawn rise. Unfortunately it was Dawn that kept us awake, her and her mates in a close by tent had loud discussions about what they saw after they had used the portaloo, and then to make sure we stayed awake started to dare each other to run around the campsite n*ked. Unfortunately it started raining so they were put off. We finally got to sleep about 1.30, although Kaiser and Dyna lasted longer because of the symphony of snoring that ensued.


OWMTBC 2010 – bringing back the old school in North Wales

May 19th, 2010

OWMTBC 2010A global celebration of classic mountain bikes in action at OWMTBC 2010. In its second year, the Old World MTB Championship is a weekend dedicated to showing and riding classic mountain bikes with fellow enthusiasts, re-living the spirit of those free spirited early MTB weekends. The OWMTBC was designed to give an outlet to the growing fascination with the birth and early years of mountain biking – with the Retrobike forum in the UK having over 9,000 registered members, it looks like it is more than a minority interest group!
The OWMTBC weekend, over 2nd, 3rd and 4th September, is all about original bikes, clothes, riders and attitude with points and prizes to be won over the weekend – so dig out your old MTB and head for the hills once more!

Full details and entry forms at:

Brighton Big Dog – 14th Aug 2010 – last chance for retro team entries

May 17th, 2010

Brighton Big DogLast year’s Brighton Big Dog was one of the highlights of last year’s retrobike calendar. Click here to check the aftermath from 2009. The 2010 event promises to be bigger and better but has sold out already! Fortunately the nice people who run this event have agreed to keep a very limited number of entries back for the Open Retro class (in association with retrobike of course). This year the Open Retro class is open to teams of two and three. If you’d like to enter you’ll now need to contact the organisers directly via email, .
To discuss in the forum click here.

Brighton Big Dog 2010

March 24th, 2010

Walking the Big DogMorvélo is proud to announce that one of the most talked about events of last year, the Brighton Big Dog, is on for Saturday 14th August 2010 and online entries are now open here!

Noted for it’s great atmosphere and cracking course, this years event will not only offer more of the same, but now with added chunks. More singletrack, more partying, more categories, more close racing, more laid back fun, more of the type of event that sold out in it’s first year.

This 6 hour race around the ancient parkland trails of Stanmer Park featuring testing climbs and awesome singletrack, guarantees a whole lot of fun! This is still a non-profit race. A hefty chunk of the profits will go behind the bar for the big party in Brighton afterwards. Well, everyone seemed to have such a good time last time, we’d thought we’d do it again. The remainder will go to our designated cycling charity.

This time there are 5 different categories to enter. Solo, Pairs, Team of Three and Open Retro (pre-95 bikes only). Open Retro, still supported by Retrobike, now can be entered as a pair or as a team of three. There will also be a youth race earlier on in the day in conjunction with VC Jubilee so now all the youngsters won’t be left out from riding one of the best courses in the country. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 of each category as well as the “Hot Dog” award from Ricardo for the fastest lap of the race. Can Rich Mardle keep this frighteningly expensive trophy for another year? A special trophy for the 6hr solo winner involving titanium tubing and a Brighton Big Dog head tube badge is being worked up too. Will Yanto Barker be back to defend the title and scoop this unique trophy to go with his winners jersey?

If you fancy a one lap scoot around to see what everyone is talking about then why not enter the Oneder Dog fun category on the day. It comes with free tea and cake too! Last year, thanks to so many generous sponsors we had over £11,000 of prizes as this looks set to grow again this year.

Click here for a 2010 course preview with some seasonal photos.

Check out the Brighton Big Dog website or the Morvélo Twitter feed for more information as it happens.

Click here to discuss this in the forum and add you name to the list of retrobike riders.

Retrobike UK National Events Calendar 2010

December 14th, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman of Retrobike,

We are pleased to be able to take the wraps off your essential guide to Retrobike riding in 2010! Break out those new diaries and insert these key riding retro dates and get that precious bike out of the shed and onto the trail!

As part of the process to ensure that all events are of the highest standard, we have recruited Area Events Coordinators and Deputies who, with good knowledge of their riding areas, are best placed to organise these activities. The AECs also manage their Area Sub Forums - here you will find regionally-focused chat and latest information on all rides and activities. Please make sure you check your area sub forum regularly!

Please note that the events on the National Calendar include several non-Retrobike organised events that we highly recommend and support.

Retrobike 2010 Calendar

30th Dunkeld – MacRetro

13th Thetford – Lincs and East Anglia
27th Trough of Bowland – NWest

7th Haldon – South West
14th TBA – East Midlands
27th Ffestiniog – NWales

11th HONC - S&W Mids

1st Three Tribes, Peaks – NE&YORKS/E Mids
8th Lake District – NWest
15th 10 Under the Ben – MacRetro
29th Set2Rise – South West

5th Moel Famua – NWales
18-20th Mountain Mayhem – National
28th TBA – Lincs and East Anglia

11th IOW Ride/Camping – South West.
18th Forest of Dean. S&W Mids.

6,7,8th Big Dirty Weekender II – NE&YORKS
15th TBA – Lincs and East Anglia

4,5,6th OWMTB 2010 – National
18th Mr K’s Day in the Peaks – NWest

23/24th Glentress – MacRetro

TBA Real Ale Wobble -
21st Appetite Seminar UK – NE&YORKS

27th Turkey Twizzler – S& WMids

We at Retrobike Towers are all looking forward to seeing more of you out riding retro in 2010 and believe that we have the diversity of events to tempt you onto the trail – hope to see you there!

Mr K

OWMTBC2009 Champion Crowned!

September 7th, 2009

Freider OWMTBC2009 World Champion
From L to R, Neil Ruddock, Freider the Champion of the World and Ed “Lemmy” Edwards

The OWMTBC2009 Champ has been crowned. Freider from Germany took the title after a days hard racing. Looking forward to 2010 already! Still recovering from a great weekend, full report to follow. Meanwhile the aftermath thread can be found here.

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