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UK Klein Meet – 12th July 2015

June 23rd, 2015

Klein Attitude DolomiteIn its third year, the UK Klein meet brings together Klein fans, collectors and riders from the UK and Europe.

Previous meetings have bought a wide variety of rare bikes, including prototypes, rare paint schemes and NOS builds and we hope this year to be no different.

Our plan is to meet in the Surrey Hills, near Guildford and ride in and around Holmbury Hill, Peaslake and Winterfold, taking in some interesting trails, single track, fireroads and view points. The ride will end either at a welcoming pub or a private venue where garage queens can be displayed.

Register you interest and confirm details in the Klein Meet thread.

icon•o•classic – UK classic mountain bike show

July 14th, 2014

iconoclassic WarwickThe UK’s largest gathering of classic pre-1995 mountain bikes, ‘icon•o•classic’, is taking place at the historic market place in Warwick on September 14th 2014.

icon•o•classic will provide a showcase for these bikes – both to the general public, and for all the exhibitors and other like-minded enthusiasts.  We’re sure that like us you will relish the opportunity to show your bikes, and to be able to see so many others all at the same time and in the same location.

All up to date details, including registration information can be found at as well as in the dedicated section on Retrobike – both of which will be regularly updated.

The aim for icon•o•classic is to showcase at least 200 pre-1995 mountain bikes, in one location, at the same time.  Simultaneously 100 different Team jerseys and strips will be displayed around the town centre, to further add to the atmosphere and augment the setting of the bikes.

We would like a broad range of classic mountain bikes on show.  One aim for icon•o•classic is to get bikes that members of the public can relate to – possibly bikes the same as they might have owned themselves back in the day. The only requirements are that the bikes are from 1995 or earlier, and that they are presentable for what will in effect be a ‘show n’ shine’ event.

Further to this, there will be a unanimous ‘Best in Show’ competition with the exhibitors and general public encouraged to vote on the day for their favourite bike.

The show will be managed through a pre-registration process – if you would like to come along please register your interest here. (more…)

L’Eroica 2013 – Three Times A Lady?

October 23rd, 2013

L'EroicaSo, here we go again, another lame Edwards tale that will follow the usual format. I’d echo Micheal Gove with his “yadda, yadda, yadda” from Newsnight (I can’t believe I’ve just repped Gove) but I know that more is expected, desired even. They say never change a winning formula but when your formula ain’t winning you sure as hell make changes. So, if you’re after the usual hackneyed recounting of lack of physical and mechanical preparation, unfortunate bowel evacuation, shoehorned popular culture and your modest scribe bravely saving the day via scarcely creditable heroics then you will be disappointed. But somehow I doubt it.

I’ve ridden l’eroica twice before, taking on the full 205km L’Erocia in 2010 and then the more modest 135km L’Erocia in 2012 to take full advantage of a beer in the sunny square in Gaoile in Chianti while the dust was still fresh on my legs. Despite being enjoyable, neither visit was completely satisfying due to some elementary errors – finishing downhill on the Strade Bianche in the dark with no lights or brakes in 2010, turning up with 42×23 in 2012. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” and I wasn’t for arguing with Bertie Boy (well, I have some quibbles with the E = mc² lark – no, not the risible Big Audio Dynamite clunker – although I’d obviously agree that with mass being equivalent to or converted to energy, at relativistic speeds particles become harder to accelerate because as you inject more energy their mass appears to increase if only because it explains, succinctly, the additional challenge faced by a big boned rider). But, crucially, would it be third time lucky or once, twice, three times a lady?

It’s pretty obvious that the physical preparation wasn’t going to all it should be. And it wasn’t. But my mechanical skills were much improved and with a week before departure I had a fully working bike (ok, ok, I hadn’t actually confirmed that it worked by riding it). I was particularly impressed by my ingenuity in getting the Super Record rear mech to work with the 28t Shimano freewheel – at first the upper cage and the freewheel interfered with each other but with the use of half a cable end cap I fabricated a solution that was as effective as it was inelegant. Naturally I left packing the bike away until 5 hours before we had to leave for the airport. Which considering that we had to leave the house at 3.30 a.m. was someway short of the exacting standards of preparation that I pride myself on. (more…)

Retro and Vintage at the Cycleshow 2013

September 27th, 2013

Retrobike was lucky enough to attend the 2013 Cycleshow at the NEC on the Thursday Press / Trade day. Having not been to a mainstream bike show for a few years (not since the defunct ‘Bike Show’) it was good to see such a large show with a diverse number of exhibitors – it would certainly seem that cycling is indeed in the ascendancy. Our overall highlights of the show were as follows

*Seeing Daley Thompson (legend!)
*Plenty of manufacturers turning out high end steel race frames. Not because it’s niche but because it’s a fine material for the job.
*Depth and breadth of stands, everything from the big corporate displays from the usual suspects down to much smaller companies with some interesting products.
*The proliferation of utility bikes, commuting bikes and e-bikes. Are we on the verge of a paradigm shift here in the UK?
*The real high end stuff. The game keeps moving on, some of the £10k+ Pinarellos and their ilk with electronic gearing were things of functional beauty.

Of course being firmly rooted in the past here at retrobike we cast our beady eyes over the stands and exhibitors with items of interest to the retro aficionado. There was plenty there to interest the cyclist who can recall the last time a steel frame won a major bike race, however don’t come here expecting fancy lugwork and beards. Our highlights were as follows (more…)

Retrobike @Mountain Mayhem 2013

June 20th, 2013

retrobike mountain mayhemLast weekend saw the annual retrobike raid on Mountain Mayhem, the UKs largest 24 hour race. For 2013 Mountain Mayhem moved from the iconic Eastnor venue to pastures new at Gatcombe Park. Once again retrobike took what must surely have been the biggest group with at least 40 riders and numerous ‘supporters’, near enough all on retro machinery. Full retrobike mountain mayhem aftermath thread can be found here.
Thanks to ace snapper Gus Farmer for the image, check his thoughts and more images over on his wiggle blog.

London Klein Meet 23rd June

June 12th, 2013

What started out as one or two of us meeting up with our Dolomites, seems to have sparked enough interest to open the net wider to other Klein owners / riders.

This is the plan:

Anyone who owns or has access to a Klein

A ride of about 10-15 miles taking in Richmond Park, maybe Wimbledon Common and the Thames River path. Will include a few refreshment – NOS Polish stop offs, and a post ride beer or two.

Excuse to meet up and ride these bikes many are obsessed with. Seems to be plenty of us out there… (more…)

Raleigh Mustang to Maverick – FoD Scrapyard Challenge Ride

May 13th, 2013

Raleigh MustangMustang. Maverick. Cobra. All names from history of the UK MTB scene which stir the hearts of the true connoisseur. Yes, they were built from hi-tensile steel. Yes, they were better suited to the paper round than genuine off road. But still these early Raleigh’s and their ilk hold fond memories for many retrobikers of a certain age. The Retrobike West Midlands crew decided to celebrate these 35lbs plus behemoths with their Scrapyard challenge ride. Several brave riders toughed out the rain in the Forest of Dean with their side pull calipers and five speed friction shift gears to take on the first scrapyard challenge, check the full aftermath here.

Retrobike Long Mynd Ride 2013

April 29th, 2013

Retrobike Long Mynd mountain bikeSunday 28th April saw the belated kick off of the Retrobike National Event Series 2013 at Shropshire’s Long Mynd.

Twenty four riders turned out on a fine selection of (mostly) retro machinery to tackle the excellent trails of the Long Mynd and equally excellent ale and food at the lunchtime pub stop.

Highlights include

*The cracking Long Mynd trails (naturally)

*The tank (soon to be seen on a street near Coventry)

*The pub stop (did we mention that)

*The descent off the Mynd opposite Minton Batch

To check the full Retrobike Long Mynd Aftermath thread please click here.

Next ride is Aviemore in May, see you there :) (more…)

Ronde van Vlaanderen 2013 – By Any Means Necessary

April 23rd, 2013

sportograf-35090190_lowresTo quote Jean-Luc Godard, a story should have a beginning, middle and end but not necessarily in that order. Previous readers will have noticed a distinct theme – enthusiastic amateur cyclist takes on a decent but definitely attainable challenge, fails to prepare bike or body, has an unfortunate toilet related incident, suffers a setback that surely heralds failure but somehow muddles through to the end. But not this time baby, oh no. And not only because I didn’t have cause to utter waar is het toilet alstublieft? once.

I really wasn’t having much fun. And I only had myself to blame. The wind was bitter, my shoulders slumped and I’d last seen my cycling companions a couple of hours previously. I also had no idea where I was or how far I had to go. But what I did know was that I had Oude Kwaremont and the Paterberg still to come plus “a 10 mile slow tap” back to the campsite afterwards. Suddenly the gung ho bragging the night before about not carrying food and drink didn’t seem so clever. Clearly I’d cooked my own spleen, farted into a fan if you will.

I’d ridden the Ronde van Vlaanderen with Ruddock and The Mechanic in 2012 and, quite bizarrely, wanted to return. This time I was with a different group, keen and lean cyclists all who were thinking nothing of riding 10 miles to the start (easy enough) and then 10 miles home again at the end (dear god). Weighing myself before leaving home, I was just shy of 16 stone and with the defined musculature of Spam. Julian, who I was travelling with, was 11 stone and had written strategies for food, clothing and hydration. But I’m getting well ahead of myself so, embracing the spirit of La Nouvelle Vague, I’ll go back to the start.

Retrobike Rides and Events 2013

February 15th, 2013

RB-Long-Mynd-08Retrobike rides are a great way to meet other forum members, see some fantastic bikes and ride some great terrain.
As always there will be plenty going on this year.
Anyone is welcome to come along and join in.

• Click for details of the eight round Retrobike National MTB Event Series.

• The new Retrobike RetroRoadRide Series is here, click for details.

• and you can find out what’s going on each month on the Retrobike National & Regional Rides Calendar.

• Retrobike members will riding be at Mountain Mayhem and The Fat Tyre Festival in Fort William.

You can also find out what’s going on in your local area group too by checking out the Area Group forum.

The Cannock Turkey Twizzler 27th Dec 2012 – with support from Bikefood

December 17th, 2012

RB-Cannock11_01:: Date: Thursday 27th December 2012
:: Distance/time: 18 miles or so spread out over a day’s riding with plenty of fuel stops and banter. Several short cut options available too.
:: Meeting at: Birches Valley Car Park, Cannock Chase. Please arrive by 10 a.m. for a 10.30 a.m. start.
:: Directions: Postcode: WS15 2UQ
:: Terrain: Forest trails, mainly man made.
:: Route: The morning will be the ‘Monkey Trail’, and after a stop for food we may head off for some more riding and perhaps a bit of off piste stuff.

It’s the day after Boxing Day and you’ll no doubt still be bitterly disappointed about the lack of NOS XTR M900 in your Xmas stocking. You’ll probably want to drown your sorrows in fizzy beer and consume your own body weight in mince pies and mulled wine.
If so, snap out of it!
This will be the perfect opportunity to escape from the Xmas food fest and shed a pound or two in the Cannockshire mud.

This ride has attracted nearly 50 riders in the past so it’s a great place to put some faces to those forum names.

After some riding there will be a fine selection of mulled wine, mince pies and maybe some fine ale.
There will also probably be a bit of a cycle jumble going on after the ride, so bring along any bits you want to swap, sell or give away as part of the festivities.

The winners and runners up in the Retrobike National Series will also be announced after the ride.

There will probably be a few people keen to get there for an 8am ‘early bird’ ride. For the rest it’s a 10am meet up with a 10:30am ride start.

Sign up on this thread!

Under the Tuscan Sun – Retrobike @ l’Eroica 2012

October 19th, 2012

Right, let’s get something straight from the off. I like cycling, enjoy company and love red wine. Put all three together in Tuscany sounded perfect with nothing that could possibly deflect from sheer, unrelenting enjoyment. No matter what follows, I just want to be clear about that before I get started, that’s all.

L’Eroica (“the heroic one”) is an annual event in Tuscany that celebrates the great, bygone era of cycling before doping, science and sideburns were so prevalent. Based in Gaiole in Chianti, l’Eroica started in 1997 as a way to celebrate cycling history but also to halt the paving over of the strade bianche, the white dirt roads that cross cross the region. 15 years on, l’Eroica is wildly popular with entry list closing almost as fast as it opens – there is even a professional event in the Spring and the Giro has used the strade bianche in recent years too (cue images of ghostly looking riders, covered from head to toe in ‘Tuscan toothpaste’). The concept is simple – ride one of a series of distances, on an old bike, in period clothing, stopping only to snack on cured meats, local cheeses and robust red wines from the region. Bike wise there are really only three rules – downtube shifters, exposed brake cables and pedals with toeclips and straps although many take it further with 1930s (and earlier) bikes and period clothing including Breton style heavy sweaters and goggles. I’d had a go in 2010 on a relatively modern Nuovo Record equipped Raleigh Panasonic and this years running allowed for an extended stay in the region to coincide with my 46th birthday – what was not to like? Staying up until midnight to ensure an entry, I was in. So were James and Melvin. Bring on la belle epoch!

Click here to read the full article.

Long Mynd Meet 14th Oct 2012 Aftermath – with support from Bikefood

October 18th, 2012

Sunday saw the first running of a National Series ride on Shropshire’s Long Mynd – apparently the most westerly part of the East Midlands. Thirty riders and their retro bikes took part in an excellent 20 miles of riding under blue skies. Thanks once again to Bikefood for their excellent support. The full Retrobike Long Mynd aftermath thread can be found here

3 Peaks Cyclocross 2012 AKA The Life Aquatic with Ed Zissou

October 2nd, 2012

I blame Pervy Bob. Or his dad. Or possibly even his beautiful, unobtainable, older sister (she was two years older which meant that at the time she was pretty much Mrs. Robinson. Oh, and she spoke fluent French which only added to the unobtainable mystique). Actually, most of all I blame Pervy Bob, and not only for the effect the following had on me.

Back in 1986 I was at college and Pervy Bob invited me for a weekend in Nelson; despite his name this was in no way sinister. Having enjoyed a pleasantly boozy Saturday night I was a bit put out to be raised from my slumber in the attic at some unearthly hour the next morning to go and watch Pervy Bob’s dad perform unspeakable acts in public. I must admit that I was a little unnerved to be standing on a desolate and godforsaken hillside with no idea what to come – and then men appeared racing down the grass on bikes. Very fragile looking bikes heading at top speed down a gradient that would have given me pause for thought about walking down. Occassionally one rider would decide to leave his bike behind while performming acrobatic feats rarely seen outside of Billy Smart’s Big Top – I swear to this day that one bearded fellow exited over the bars, performed a perfect forward roll to standing and proceeded to run down the hill (no mean acomplishment when the bike was fitted with toeclips and straps pulled tight and he was wearing studded Walsh fell running shoes), although the effect was slightly spoiled when he had to return up the slope to retrieve his bike. Memory may be betraying me (again) but the fact that it was a grassy slope indicates that I was spectating on the descent off Ingleborough near Cold Cotes but I was awestruck by what I was seeing – this was well before the days that mountainbikes were ubiquitous and I wasn’t one of those kids who went scrambling around the local woods on a hopped up Raleigh Arena – and there was no way that I would ever achieve the levels of fitness never mind skill to match these wiry men of iron. But I was intrigued and an itch started that wouldn’t even be mentioned, let alone scratched, until 21 years later in 2007.

Click here to read the full article.

30 Years of Fat City

September 24th, 2012

Iconic East Coast framebuilders Fat City are celebrating 30 years by holding a gathering in Vermont this weekend.

“We are celebrating all the fun, joy and excitement folks have had riding their Fats all over the world. We’re gathering the last weekend in September in Morrisville, VT, to ride, eat, drink, share our stories and exploits…and more! All are welcome, especially if you have a good story, love Fats or have an old Fat to bring and ride. Share your Fat story with founder Chris Chance. He will love to hear it!”

Check the webpage or the post on FatCOGs for more details.

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