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JMC vs Rockwell on the Reebok Eliminator

November 11th, 2011

Uploaded to youtube by Carlton Reid this short you tube clip from Tyne Tees show ‘Chain Gang’ has a feature on Jason McRoy. Part of the feature shows some awesome footage of JMC vs Myles Rockwell on the Reebox Eliminator. Check it out >

Can old steel cut in in the high mountains?

October 19th, 2009

“Can old steel cut in in the high mountains? Yes it can!”

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra
EdEdwards climbs the Col du Telegraphe on his Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra

It’s a question that’s featured in a couple of magazines in recent months, road and off road – can older generation bikes still cut it? The reports have been both scientific (based on PowerTap readings etc.) and more on feel, and an interesting enough read although with the unsurprising conclusion that newer technology was better. I wasn’t in a position to dispute this, but on a personal level, could a 42 year old on an 18 year old bike cut it on the classic Tour de France climbs in the Alps?

The bike was an Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra in 7-11 team colours with the original Shimano 600 groupset; the only modifications were an alloy compact chainset and a larger cassette (interestingly the short cage 600 rear mech was in theory unable to cope with the bigger rear cogs but did so comfortably in practice). Lengthy quill stem and no indexing, off I set.

My super subjective conclusions? It was a cracking week, the bike didn’t let me down at all bar a hamfisted overtightening of a seatpost binder bolt, easily solved. I covered Alpe d’Huez three times, Col du Glandon, Col de Croix de Fer, Les Deux Alpes, Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier, Col d’Ornons, Col de Serra Alpe. Descending, never my strong point, was no more hairy than for anybody else. Climbing was more about rider than bike. Would I have been faster up and down on a modern bike with indexed shifting? Very possibly. But, modestly, with as much style and swashbuckling elan? Probably not.


WMB “Does Retro Rock” article now online

October 16th, 2009

The “Does Retro Rock” article from What Mountain Bike Issue 100 is now online, thanks to the WMB Ed for allowing us to host this.

What Mountain Bike Does Retro Rock

The article features various site members along with a Guy Kesteven from WMB riding various old machines including a Pace RC-100, Raleigh Team Dynatech, AMP Research B4, Tushingham and Klein Attitude. The bikes were compared against their current favourite, a Giant Anthem. Read the article to find out who came on top!

20 Questions with Jo Burt

January 26th, 2009

Welcome to the first in (hopefully) a series of industry profiles, features and interviews of various mountain Biking VIP’s. People that have been there through the ages, observing, commenting on and sometimes defining the times we all now refer to as the halcyon days of our sport.

In the first of Retrobike’s ‘20 Questions* with…’ series, we are proud to present an interview with the creator of everyone’s favourite mountain biking sheep, Mint Sauce. To those of you not aware of Jo Burt’s colourful and imaginative mountain biking timeline, check out the website dedicated to our woolly little friend, his chums and their seminal comic strip at

Jo Burt Malvern

*Retrobike reserves the right to make 20 Questions with… less questions if the interviewer runs out of ideas of good things to ask. ;-)

RetroBike: How, when and where was Mint conceived?

RB: How?

Jo Burt: I’m not entirely sure, a mix of pure brilliant inspiration and the bleeding f*cking obvious.

RB: When?

JB: Lunchtime, er, a while ago, about 23 years at a guess. Probably a Thursday.

RB: Where?

JB: Norwich.

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American Cyclery, San Francisco

January 24th, 2008

While on holiday in San Francisco this past October I took the opportunity to visit American Cyclery, one of San Francisco’s and America’s oldest continuously operating bicycle shops. It was absolutely the bicycle shop I hoped it might be.

American Cyclery

American Cyclery has a fantastic selection of classically styled road bikes. Their new bike selection clearly represents a belief in the ride quality and durability of steel. Rather than stocking the full range of any given manufacturer they stock only the bikes that illustrate the shop’s steel philosophy at the appropriate price points. At the time of my visit their selection began with Raleigh and Bianchi, moved on to Soma and Gunnar and on up to Waterford, with each of the lower-end models benefiting and looking uncharacteristically high-quality from sharing space with its higher-end neighbors. There were also a few ultra-high-end hand-built bicycles from notable American builders which made the pocketbook ache just looking at them, but were a pleasure to behold just the same. The shop is accented by display cases full of vintage road components as well as the presence of a number of classic Paramount and other track bikes. The place is truly a shrine to the steel bicycle.

Across the street is American Cyclery Too, where American Cyclery moved the mountain bike part of its operation about 8 years ago. In addition to its excellent stock of mountain and commuter bikes the shop has on display many significant retro mountain bikes from the formative days of the sport. I’ve stumbled across a fair share of Ritchey Commandos and Mountain Goats in my time, but I must admit I was quite surprised and delighted to be up close and personal with an early Breezer, Cook Bros. and Cunningham. The shop staff was quite friendly and happy to take time out to chat about all manner of bicycle related topics – the vintage bikes in the shop, the early years of mountain biking and the merits of steel versus frame materials among others.

American Cyclery is located at 510 Frederick Street just 3 blocks south of Haight Street and adjacent to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco and have part of a day to burn I highly recommend dropping by. It’s a great way for a bike junkie to blow an afternoon.

If you’re curious to see more of what I saw you can take a look at additional photos on the photo gallery page of American Cyclery’s website:

Article © Jason Peraza 2007

I wish I was a little bit smaller….

January 23rd, 2008

What do you do if you look longingly at your favourite bike every day wishing it were a size bigger….. I guess you pray there’s someone out there wishing they had a smaller version of the same bike….

What happens when these people meet ……read more on the Readers Bikes forum

Ten Speed Cassette Conversion for Mountain Bikes

December 15th, 2007

This article on a ‘retro’ 10 speed MTB cassette conversion has been written by Omar R. Esteves from Caracas Venezuela.


I am an old man who has been experimenting and tinkering with all kinds of bikes for a good part of my life, including mountain bikes in the last twenty five years or so. During all this time I have seen quite a lot of good ideas (not including terrible ones) on bikes and bike equipment fly away to obscurity only to come back some years later as the latest innovations.

For a few years, I had been reading that now when we have mountain bikes with 9-speed cassettes in all imaginable ratio combinations and from various manufacturers, some people insist that these are not suitable for mountain bikes, instead, they say that 8-speed cassettes and chains and even 7-speed cassettes (both use the same size chain) are much better for all-around mountain bikes. This proves once more that you can never satisfy everyone and everybody. Such is life and the free world some of us live in.

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A day in the life of…

December 15th, 2007

Alarm wakes me up. No not the alarm that I may have missed that Ti BB that someone posted on retrobike whilst I was asleep, but the alarm on my phone.

Get dressed, with a slight twitch as I glance the laptop out of the corner of my eye (something may have been asked that I could answer, or a new tip added). Jump on the modern bike for the ride to the station, almost crash as I imagine I’m on the ’95 S-Works FSR; again!

On the train now, with laptop bag, cursing Chiltern Railways for not having wireless on the train, drumming fingers, tapping feet, with the look of an addict who hasn’t had their fix (you know the look)…..

Ok, onto the tube, I know there’s nothing I can do until I get in…walk through the door, vaguely acknowledging colleagues as I enter the room, a nod, a grunt, but frankly they could have been saying anything. I’m on a mission; get online, log in to check PM’s, go to FS forum, followed by Wanted, followed by Retro Chat, phew, fix achieved.

Drum fingers again, check email for any notifications on thread’s I’ve participated in, check auction watch, and Myebay. Time for breakfast!

Alarm wakes me up, damn it!! (Now was I dreaming, or was that just yesterday?)

Get dressed, with a slight twitch as I glance the laptop…………………

Tim Bowden 2007

Dark Shadows Falling – Photo of the Summer..

October 3rd, 2007

Downhill shadows

Winner of the inaugral Photo of the Season award for Summer was this shot by Andy Heading featuring none other than yours truly.
Look out for the next competition which will be a Winter Wonderland special.

Apocalypse Nowt

September 27th, 2007

Apocolypse Now - Wu's Journey into the heart of darkness

“This is the true tale of a personal journey into the heart of darkness.

A passage lined with fear and loathing, heartache and despair, fascination and longing. A journey punctuated by learning and discovery and humiliation and realisation. A bicycle ride through the wilderness of the captive soul, passed desperation and drug addiction, public nudity and lost inhibition towards an awakening and a lost horizon. This is my Apocalypse Now. Sort of. ”

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New Feature – – Member profiles

May 15th, 2007

In the first of a new feature RetroBikes’s social secretary and resident crash merchant James ‘Hilts’ Freeborough caught up with Mike ‘Ameybrook’ Wilk to find out a little bit of background on one of the Retro brotherhood from the U.S.

Personal profile
Name – Mike Wilk
RetroBike Alter Ego – Ameybrook
Age – 27

Mike and his retro lavadome take on durango

JF – Hi Mike and thanks for being the Guinea Pig in the first of our ‘’ member profiles.

MW – No problem.

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