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PoTM October 2011 is wtb_rider’s ‘Falling Leaves’

November 4th, 2011

PoTM October 2011 is wtb_rider's 'Falling Leaves'The October 2011 Photo of The Month (PoTM) contest was won by wtb_rider’s ‘Falling Leaves’.

Now taking nominations for the November 2011 PoTM contest :D

Click here to see wtb_rider’s shot in all it’s glory (more…)

rBoTM October 2011 is mark34′s Colnago Master

November 3rd, 2011

mark34's Colnago MasterThe The October 2011 road Bike of The Month contest was taken by mark34′s Colnago Master – another interesting month, another desrving win for Mark :D Second was taken by Hatarmar’s Somec and third by EdEdwards’ Mercian 753 – the first time the big man has managed a podium in numerous attempts at rBotM and BoTM. Bring on November!

The full result is as follows

1. mark34′s Colnago Master
2. Hatarmar’s Somec
3. EdEdwards’ Mercian 753

Now taking nominations for the November 2011 rBoTM contest.

Click here for more details and full results (more…)

BoTM October 2011 is ameybrook’s 1994-5 Yeti ARC

November 1st, 2011

ameybrook's 1994-5 Yeti ARCThe The October 2011 Bike of The Month contest was taken by Ameybrook’s 1994-5 Yeti ARC, yet another win for Mike who consistnetly builds some real top drawer stuff.

The Yeti will be featured in next month’s mbr magazine and Ameybrook will receive a year’s subscription to the magazine.
The full results is as follows

1. ameybrook’s 1994-5 Yeti ARC
2. bduc61′s 1995 Specialized S-Works Steel
3. kaiser’s 1985 Ritchey Team Comp

Now taking nominations for the BoTM November 2011 ‘Made in Taiwan Special’ here.

Click here for more details and full results (more…)

Repack 35th Anniversary Ride

October 26th, 2011

Friday 21st October 2011 was the 35th Anniversary of the first ever Repack Race – an event which is widely considered to be the genesis of the sport of mountain biking.To celebrate the event some of the forefathers of the sport (Kelly, Breeze, Bonds to name a few) and others took to Mt Tam to run the Repack once again. Full aftermath and pictures of the 35th Anniversary Repack ride up here.

Leith Hill Meet 23rd Oct 2011 Aftermath – with support from Bikefood

October 25th, 2011

2011 saw the Retrobike National Ride Series return to the South East. The Leith Hill meet was part of the Retrobike 2011 National Events series and was kindly supported by Bikefood. The ride saw forty seven retrobikers taken on the dusty conditions, the full Retrobike Leith Hill Ride aftermath thread can be found here.

October 2011 rBoTM, BoTM and PoTM polls now up.

October 24th, 2011

The Bike of The Month (BoTM) poll for October 2011 is now up, click here to get your votes in now! Ensure you use your vote wisely this month, the winning bike will be featured in MBR magazine and the winner will receive a years subscription to the magazine.

Road Bike of The Month (rBoTM) poll for October 2011 is also now up. Click here to get your votes in now!

The final poll for October to vote on is the Photo of The Month (PoTM) poll entitled ‘Falling Leaves’, get your PoTM votes in here.

The Retrobike Rides Monthly Newsletter – October 2011

October 20th, 2011

Another glorious month of RetroBike riding in September saw over 50 RetroBikers find a break in the weather to complete Mr. K’s Day in The Peaks ride. It turned into a perfect and memorable day for all those who dusted off their old steeds and braved the demanding Peaks trails.

October 23rd will see the climax to our little series at Leigh Hill in the North Downs. The event is being hosted by our South East group and from reading the recce threads it promises to be a great days riding. Full details can be found here.

Retrobike Rides have now been going strong for many years. They have evolved from a couple of dodgy looking characters meeting in the woods to ride their retro pride and joys to groups of up to 40 enthusiasts meeting up to enjoy their bikes, company and trails.
In doing so a friendly atmosphere has been created and good riding manners developed, giving Retrobike Rides unique qualities and banter. As always with Retrobike Rides, everyone is welcome and made to feel welcome.
All abilities are catered for with the rule being we only get round as fast as the slowest person, with short cuts and chicken runs being planned into the routes.

If this appeals to you, please come and join in at one of our National or Local events. Click here to read full retrobike rides October 2011 newsletter.

Girvin Flexstems are cool – Next up Entry Level Groupsets

October 18th, 2011

Girvin Flexstem coolThe latest Coolwall vote has been declared! Girvin Flexstems are COOL. One centimetre of rubber sprung travel has been judged cool by the retrobike users :D

Next up on the vote are Entry Level Groupsets. Are the groupsets many of us started on back in the 90s cool? As ever you decide!

Story of the Season – “Summer Lovin’”

October 17th, 2011

Mechagouki wins our inaugaral Story of the Season writing contest with his piece entitled “Summer Ride”. Enjoy :D

Awake. The heat in the room is already uncomfortable and the reddish glow around the curtains tells me I’m late for work. Except this is July 15th 1992, and if I have a job I don’t care about it, and for a day like this, I’d probably consider skipping. I roll out of bed and stumble to the bathroom, through the frosted glass I can see it is one of those summer days where the sun’s radiance is almost overwhelming, a chrome-white glare that squints eyes and burns skin. (more…)

Get your October contest nominations in!

October 15th, 2011

Now taking nominations for our various October contests as follows :D
Bike of The Month
road Bike of The Month
Photo of The Month entitled ‘Falling Leaves’
Bike of The Month 1998+

No excuse not to get involved :D

DaCorsa.De – retro road bikes

October 14th, 2011

DaCorsa are a group of German enthusiasts who restore and ride retro road bikes part as hobby part as business. There are some top draw bikes and pictures on the site including some shots from L’Eroica 2011, well worth a look here > . Click here to discuss in the forum.

PoTM September 2011 is GaryTurner’s ‘Autumnal’

October 14th, 2011

PoTM September 2011 is GaryTurner's 'Autumnal'The September 2011 Photo of The Month (PoTM) contest was won by GaryTurner’s ‘Autumnal’.

Now taking nominations for the October 2011 PoTM contest :D

Click here to see GaryTurner’s shot in all it’s glory (more…)

rBoTM September 2011 is DancingJack’s Klein Quantum Pro

October 10th, 2011

DancingJack's Klein Quantum ProThe The September 2011 road Bike of The Month contest was taken by DancingJack’s Klein Quantum Pro – another interesting month, another worthy winner :D The race for second was drawn once again, Gordy’s Flying Scot ending up on equal votes with Mark34′s Alan Carbonio. Roll on next month!

The full result is as follows

1. DancingJack’s Klein Quantum Pro
2 equal. Gordy’s Flying Scot
2 equal. Mark34′s Alan Carbonio

Now taking nominations for the October 2011 rBoTM contest.

Click here for more details and full results (more…)

Leigh Hill, the North Downs Sunday 23rd October 2011 – with support from Bikefood

October 6th, 2011

Date :: 23rd of October
Start Time:: 10.30am
Where:: STARVEAL CORNER CAR PARK, Leith Hill Road, Nr Ockley, Surrey (make sure you get the right car park there is a sign as you enter & height barriers)
Grid Ref: : TQ 13038 43297
Nearest Train Station:: Gomshall, Surrey
What to ride:: As this is the day after the 35th anniversary of the Repack, it would be nice to see bikes of pre 1990 vintage. However anything old school goes.

For more details and to sign up please click here.

The Bicycle Academy

October 5th, 2011

The Bicycle Academy sounds like a great project happening here in Somerset, UK. Check full details in their press release below.

“A place to learn how to make bikes. You keep the skills, your first bike goes to someone who really needs it”

The Bicycle Academy is a new enterprise providing people with the skills and facilities to design and make their own bikes. Frame building will be taught by the legendary Brian Curtis as evening classes or short weekday courses from The Bicycle Academy workshop in Frome, Somerset. As part of the learning process each student will make a frame to be donated to people in Africa, then once graduated students will be able to use The Bicycle Academy workshop to hone their skills and build their own frames. (more…)

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